Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named

Have an excellent one!

In honor of Jesus's birthday, I thought I'd do a little giveaway to be kind and generous to my fellow man, etc.  I've been playing with my latest card kit but I didn't use the card bases that came with the kit.  That is because I'm not a big fan of shaped cards.  I know other people are though, so I will give them away.  
The winner is Sandee!
There are five each of the light purple mitten cards and five each of the snowflake cards.  The mitten is roughly 5" x 4.25" and the snowflake is 5" square.  I'll include envelopes for cards, maybe even the ones that came with them if I can find where I put them.  I'll also add in the bits and pieces from the snow kit that haven't been used.  I'll pick a winner this coming Wednesday evening (December 28th).  That will give y'all some time since I suspect folks will be busy with Other Things To Do.

Merry Christmas.  No, really!

The Fine Print: No real Talisker was injured in the making of this post.  Card bases by Annie's Attic (haven't you been paying attention?!)


Sheela Will said...

LOVE the chili pepper wreath! Happy Christmas to you too!

sandee said...

ROTFLMAO...that is a hilarious picture you got there...I think I about spit out my ice tea from laughing! You, my girl, have a great sense of self!

Georgiana said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself. Gee, what about New Years?!

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