Monday, September 30, 2013

Tweet on You

Hello. My name is Charles and I was tasked to be the Guest Columnist today because Mother is under the weather.  That just goes to show you how queer peoples are.  They say they are under the weather when they are feeling poorly, but the weather is in the sky so that means we are all under the weather all the time.  You. Me.  Everybody.

Enough of that, though, I need to show you a card and explain it to you because if I didn't tell you, you might not remember that there is a Birds and/or Feathers challenge going on over at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  If you don't remember you can't make a card and join in.  Now that I've remembered for you, you have no excuse, except maybe being under the weather, which we now know is just silly.
The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. Stamp sets used--For Peep's Sake and Sweet Love; cardstock used--wasabi petite polka dot, onyx, bubblegum. and sugar, other products used--onyx twine.

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Squirrel x said...

Hello Charles, what a great column you has writ today! Did you make the birdie card too or is that a Mom card before she was pawly? Hope she is above the weather very soon. Hugs Sxx