Saturday, September 7, 2013

All That and a Bag of Crisps

A long, long time ago, like last month or so, I posted that I had finished making cards from the Peacock kit. Some of you were relieved, some of you were inconsolable, and most of you just shrugged and went on with your lives.

I was sitting around today gazing at my 17-foot high stack of Club Scrap boxes and wondering why on earth the peacock box was still in there if I had made all the cards. "Why, indeed?" you ask. Because I lied!!!!


Those few measly scraps I had left over apparently got together and bred more scraps because I got another 6 cards out of the thing and still have left over bits. 

Tonight I plan to toss some five's and ten's in there and see if they can do the same exciting multiplication that the rest of the paper in this kit is doing.

The Fine Print: I debated shoving all 6 cards into this one post but decided to save them and parcel them out sparingly.  The idea was when I haven't made anything new I'll have them lying around.  Although I have a huge file of cards like that already including some from last fall which are about in season again.  Most of the card stuff by Club Scrap, faux brad heads by Stampin Up, peacock patterned paper by DCWV, bling and thin red ribbon from my stash.

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butterfly said...

Ooh, yum... I'm back just in time for some more peacocks it seems! Scraps are the best!
Alison x