Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stamp Club Cards

As promised and long anticipated (or not) here is the card I made with the paper coffee cup sleeve that was given out as a challenge item at my stamp club.  Although truly, this isn't the one that was given out.  This is the one I feloniously swiped from the school cafeteria since I couldn't find the other one...    ...which I have since found.  But, of course.
We also had a card exchange where the theme was nature.  I was feeling less than creative but did manage to whip this card up with the Paper Smooches stamps that have been languishing on my desk.
Yesterday I paid a lady real live American dollars to punch a hole in my side and then sew it back shut with big thick black thread.  In hindsight that was a lousy idea as it really hurts.  I'd recommend against trying it yourself if you are considering it.  You know, just passing along some life experience to you.

The Fine Print: Stick figure coffee dude by All Night Media, dies by Spellbinders, bear and greeting by Paper Smooches, tag punch by Marvy, notice the use of seam binding in lieu of ribbon.  Paper from my stash, you know, except for that ill-gotten paper sleeve.

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butterfly said...

No, by and large, I'd agree it's best to avoid letting people cut holes in you... hope it heals well and soon.

Laughed out loud at your disappearing reappearing coffee cup holder - happens to everything I touch at the moment! Cute cards too...
Alison x