Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Ultimate in Rude

Whoa! I can't get over what an asshole one of my neighbors is.  I'm doing laundry, putting stuff into the washer, and it appears that she is moving her stuff out of one dryer and into another.  We initiate a bit of a chat with each other.  I run into her a second time as I move my stuff out of the washer and into a dryer and we talk again.
However, at no time does she tell that the reason she moved her clothes out of the one dryer is because it didn't work.  Nor has she come back to put a sign on it.  I don't know why but that just strikes me as the ultimate in rude.  Perhaps I'd understand it better if we passed without speaking like ships in the night.

Sometimes you just have to wonder what motivates people. And here I thought she was nice.

The Fine Print: Yes, *I* put a note on the dryer.  I'm not that asshole.  As for the card, I promise in real life the reds matched a lot better than they do in this photo.  Stamp by Stampin' Up, cut out greeting by Club Scrap (yes, the peacock kit), and background paper from my stash.


Craftychris said...

That is rude, there is no accounting for the way some people behave! On s happier note, your card is gorgeous! That peacock is wonderful and the backing paper is divine! xx

butterfly said...

I don't know about rude, but it's certainly the ultimate in self-centredness... I bet she's just so concerned with her own business she doesn't even notice those around her - so, yes, I suppose that is rude, actually!

Fabulous peacock!
Alison x