Monday, September 2, 2013

Be Cool - Go Back to School

It's Labor Day here in the states which means it must be back to school time now for sure.  There is also still time to join in the latest A Muse Studio Challenge, hosted by me.  In case you haven't guessed my theme is Back to School.

Consider making a back to school themed card and joining in our challenge.  You don't have to use A Muse Studio stamps but you get bonus points if you do (and by bonus points we mean a second chance in the drawing).  There is also a chance to win a package of A Muse Studio graph paper patterned cardstock. 

I'm bummed that the challenge is only open to those in the US since so many of my readers come from "across the pond" but I think there was a concern about the availability of A Muse Studio stamps overseas.

However, for my loyal readers (all 6 of you) I am offering you a chance to win a package of that very same graph paper patterned cardstock just by leaving me a comment on this post telling me about a back to school moment that happened to you.  I don't care where you live.  The only restriction is that you have until midnight Sunday, September 8, 2013 to do so. 
The Fine Print: All supplies by A Muse Studio unless otherwise noted.  Top card: Stamps--School Days and Greetings Earthling; cardstock--cherry, onyx, sugar, and papaya chevron; colored with Copics. Bottom card: Stamps--You're a Scream and Polka Dot Letters Small Lowercase (from before the home party days but still by a|s); cardstock--onyx petite polka dot, lime, orange, and sugar; supplies used--1" circle punch (by EK Success), lime and orange sequins; colored by Copics.


fairy thoughts said...

ha! back to school. It is many years since my girls went back to school so not sure if I can remember anything. I have been laughing this week at the queues outside school kit...... a local uniform outfitters, I mean who leaves it until the day before to buy new uniform.... lots of people apparently.
Love the card, I'm sure I had that teacher at school.

BJ said...

I just LOVE your science card, my son goes back to school tomorrow and will be studying the 3 sciences his favourite subjects plus computer science an easy 4th favourite. Hope he enjoys it all a bit better this year!

I can't remember any going back to school moments personally, I do remember being bullied as I had won the rose queen in the carnival the summer before I started BIG SCHOOL!

Oh come to think of it, as I did go to about 10 different schools as my parents moved around a bit, including getting divorced. I remember moving school mid year at 14yrs and one of the students was tasked to take me to my classes. She took me to her Maths set which was the top one - well I had said I liked Maths and the teacher told me in no uncertain terms that I would HAVE to prove myself worthy of her class to stay there. Fortunately I did, and 34years on and I am enjoying tutoring my son in Maths and his other subjects. The only subject he is likely to outstrip me in is Chemistry as I had to drop it as moving schools left me at a 2 years behind disadvantage.
Well you did ask and once I get going........... BJ Thanks for the visit BJ#16

Daniella said...

You have 2 comments before me!! I couldn't leave you with none!! BTS story? I don't really have one. I LOVED the first day of school! I still get all sorts of excited when buying my boys their school supplies! I always buy for me too. New #2 pencils (that I do not need), 1 subject notebook (don't need either) maybe some folders (that i don't need) too!

I also have to comment on the post above this one. I swore I was the only person in the world who said OH MY HECK!! I am super happy to know you say it too!!
Your desks and mirror look awesome too!!

Neet said...

I remember (it's an awful long way back to remember) being kept in at break because I could not button my new shoe strap. y aunt came and played hell with the teacher! Not funny.
I also remember several back to school moments as a teacher and my best one was when the clocks had gone back over the weekend.
I had got in a real strop on the Sunday because they had changed the TV schedules and my favourite programme had been missed.
Next morning I set off for school and wondered, as I drove along the road, why there were not lots of children. Wondered why the newsagents was not full of kids.
Then as I pulled up on the car park and saw through one of the science windows a class in full swing it dawned on me. I was an hour behind - an hour late for my class.
I panicked and ran as fast as I could to the heads room full of apologies - they fell about laughing luckily.
Hugs, Neet xx