Friday, September 13, 2013

If you peas...

I have a crappy headache today which may or may not be related to the cat attempting to stand on the top of my head last night while I was seated.  It turns out my head is round and my hair is slippery and things did not go well for either of us.  You'd think cats would have better balance than that.
We certainly know cats don't have better sense than that.

Anyway, here's the card I had my friends make on Wednesday. You got to see a glimpse of this card in my Workdesk Wednesday post.  I was glad that my friends were as tickled at the design as I was.  I'm totally pro-veggie.

The Fine Print: I may be pro-veggie but not all veggies are created equal.  For example, I feel that brussell sprouts are a second class citizen.  All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used--Seasonal Branch and Eat Your Veggies, cardstock used--wasabi, eucalyptus, and sugar, inks used--slate, eucalyptus, grass, and wasabi; other supplies--toffee twine.


505whimsygirl said...

Hello Princess Judy,

Oh, but I love brussel sprouts! Your card is a cutie; no surprise that your friends were pleased!

I'm fighting a headache but I think it's because of the change of weather - no cat trying to balance on my head!


Di said...

LOVE this Judy! And sorry, I did laugh about the cat doing acrobatics on your head :)

Hugs, Di xx