Sunday, September 22, 2013

Too Much Caffeine

My neighbor and I were just talking smack about another neighbor's dogs.  My neighbor and I are both cat people and are in competition to be the neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady, so you can imagine the types of things we had to say.

The dog-owing neighbor has a pack of Chihuahuas. What I can tell you about Chihuahuas is that they yap.  And they shake like junkies in withdrawal.  Or maybe like they've had too much caffeine.  Yeah, that's it, too much caffeine!  That explains why they can't shut up either.  They have such creepy nervous energy and bulgy eyes. I don't see how anyone can relax around a Chihuahua.

I made this card at a SU workshop.  That lady has a real dog.  And by real dog, I mean a small pony.  And by small pony I mean a Great Dane.  You could totally relax around him.  If anyone untoward comes around he'll protect you by drowning them in happy slobber.  Or by beating them to death with his tail.  I'll bet with a little training he could pull a fully laden craft cart as well.  See, he's totally a useful dog.  None of this ridiculous jittery caffeine addict stuff that make up a Chihuahua.  Ugh.

The Fine Print: Product and coffee stamps by Stampin' Up, coffee bean stamp hand carved by the pony-owning SU rep.  That may be rogue twine.

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