Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pretty Darn Smart for a Boy

Sometimes the cats are so smart that it is almost frightening.  Today Dio was looking out the window and taunting the birds, or more likely the birds were taunting him  The vertical blinds were twisted open but the blinds themselves hadn't been pushed open like curtains. 

As Dio would lean way over to keep his prey in view the blinds would slide along with him, clanking into each other.  Then when he wanted to switch locations, he'd have to pull his head out leaving the vertical blinds to swing and sway.  Then he'd have to find another slot to put his head through but since they were swaying it didn't always work out good.

The blinds were making quite a racket and you could tell Dio was getting frustrated with them.  He suddenly ran over to the one edge of the window and grabbed the rope in his teeth and pulled.  This is the rope you pull to slide the blinds open like curtains.  It has clip hooks on it to keep it anchored close to the wall to prevent kitties from hanging themselves.  Apparently it also stops kitties from opening the blinds up.  That didn't stop Dio from trying several times, pulling the cord in his teeth and giving the window a dirty look when it wouldn't work.  I took the hint and got up and pull the blinds open for him.

The Fine Print: If that cat grows thumbs he is totally gonna be a menace.  Stamp by Penny Black, paper from my stash.

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Julia Dunnit said...

at crop yesterday, we were hearing tales of Hugo the young cat who khans realised that the older cat will eat his food if she can see it. so he pulls a tea towel over it if there's any left. now I'm not a cat lover per se, but I will be checking for the evolution of the thumb thing...