Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Random Randomness

I don't have anything new to share today so I thought I'd share some random cards I've made in random times.  So much randomness all in one place.  Although, I guess there is one consistent thing.  They are all by Club Scrap.
They were all made as part of my on-going project to rid my living room of the 300 or so Club Scrap boxes that are everywhere.  It just never ends, partly because I'm always making one or two cards from one box and then jumping to another.
I think I do that because I don't have much time to craft so I don't want to "waste" it all on one kit.  I'm sure that makes sense somewhere in my crowded little brain.  However, just to be persnickety when I have plenty of time to craft I opt to read a book instead.

The Fine Print: As noted all stuffs by Club Scrap with the exception of the rainbow colored twinkle stickers on the rainbow card.  Top card from the Hopes kit, second card from Up, Up, and Away, third card from Bright Lights, Big City, and bottom card from the Tribal kit.  I didn't empty out a single box in this run.  Sorry that a couple of the photos seem sort of fuzzy.  I can barely focus my eyes; I'm not sure why people think I can focus a camera too! 

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butterfly said...

A great array of cards... and I'm sure I'd be the same with kit boxes - you don't want to stick to only one kind of make for too long. And sometimes (shh, whisper it) reading is more important than crafting...
Alison x