Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workdesk Wednesday--Can you Spot the Difference?

Hello Pals, Friends, Followers, and Random People Wondering How You Got Here!  Welcome to What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #225.  This week brings a change to my desk, can you spot it?  No, not the hubby, Mr. Princess.  No, not the cat, Mr. Dio.  It is those plastic bins on top of my desk.  Can you tell I rearranged them and took the top two off?
I've had random bits and pieces in those bins and at one point it was all frequently used stuff.  However, over the years things have changed and rearranged so it is just stuff sitting there.  Many of the drawers were empty or almost empty so I downsized.  I know it isn't the best picture in the world.  Apparently my rechargeable batteries are in need of a recharge as all my photos came out a little bit less than focused. 
Hubby was there trying to convince Dio to turn around and get internet famous, but at first Dio wouldn't have anything to do with fame.  But he came around.  He wants to go on talk shows now and have an entourage of ladies, because he likes the ladies. 
Here are some new stamps I had stacked on my desk.  I decided to go crazy and get several Paper Smooches sets.  I love their whacky stamps.  Hopefully I'll get to play with them soon.  The paper coffee cup holder is my stamp club's mystery item this month.  I have no idea what to do with it so suggestions are welcome!

The Fine Print: Did you spot the new roll of orange seam binding on my desk? I'm so in love with that stuff right now.  My coffee cup holder is a substitute as I lost the one we were given.  I had to sneak down to the cafeteria at work and swipe a new one.  I felt like it was a covert operation.  I was terrified they'd force me to buy coffee to go with it.  Ick!  I promise to recharge the batteries for next week!


Carole said...

Questions and suggestions work...people respond...we like to have the answers. Off the top of my head and what's with in my view I would of course decorate it with papers bit and pieces, maybe a charm a bow or a ribbon of jute and because I have philodendron cuttings rooting in some glass jars, I would make the cup a gift planter to pass on something green. I liked the quiz and I liked that you told us the answers. Be well I'm happy to get in before 100...I'm #99 Carole

Karen Busby said...

Love your desk and your cat! I am one of the random people having been told about WOYWW by a friend. It's great fun visiting everyone. Love your blog too :)

Scrapping Life (Karen) no.82

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I went back and checked out your orange tape!! Lol, how daft am I? Your puss cat is rather handsome, what a gorgeous grey colour. He's only humouring you by turning around, he's probably thinking up a revenge scheme right now........ Mwahahahaha........
Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

House of Bears said...

We thought dio was shy, but we think it may have been a ploy to make us all want to see him even more. I hope he's practised his pawtograph. This fame lark is hard work!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Well if Dio needs an entourage, Im in! My kitty might be jealous, but hey Dio is so cute!! Rearranging our work spaces is a never ending process it seems but it is a good way to revitalize. I find.

Sarah Leonard said...

My kitties will never pose when I want them to either - they often stop doing something cute as soon as I take out the camera. Le sigh. Love the desk - looks like a well loved space :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Darnell J Knauss said...

To heck with the cat, Mr. Princess is a hottie toddy, isn't he?! Well done, PJ!

And well done downsizing! That's always a good thing. It's hard to work creatively when you are clusterphobic; at least it is for me.

The coffee sleeve? I went to Pinterest and in the little search box typed "cards coffee sleeve." Mostly people just left them as coffee sleeves and decorated them adorably. There was one cute card with the sleeve as a band across the center and the sediment "thanks a latte."

You might have better luck googling those words and checking the images that pop up. I'll bet there are some great ideas.

Happy WOYWW to you and the whole Princess Famdamily!! Thanks so much for the visit to me! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #22

Sharon Madson said...

What a couple of handsome guys: Mr. Princess, and Kitty. :) I think your story of going covertly to get a new coffee sleeve is so funny! TFS
Thanks for stopping by my space earlier! So fun to get to know each other this way. :)

Neet said...

Mr Dio is adorable - but Judy, why did you not walk around and get in front of him? OK so you got a front shot after all.
Didn't notice the change in the plastic bins, sorry - but it all looks good.
Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet 11 xx

Lea.H said...

Love the stamps, are they all animals? Also like how the cat gets in the pic! Lx

Lindsay Weirich said...

your hubby an cat are good sports! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #28

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there Princess Judy,

Dio is adorable. I imagine he has all the ladies purring his name!

From what I can see, I like the stamp set that's the farthest right.

As for the coffee cup sleeve -- I open mine up and use the varigated side and run it through a die. Or, just cut out a little birdie....

Kay (25)

fairy thoughts said...

I must admit Mr Princess was the most obvious addition as I have never seen him near your desk before. Love the little dinosaur stamps hope you get to plat soon.
Have a great week and happy Wednesday
janet #48

Craftychris said...

Loving you gorgeous cat! Those stamps look cool too. Have a fab week. xx #107

My name is Cindy said...

Love your cat - I bet the ladies love him as well. I saw a tag book made with those coffee things somewhere but I guess they started off with more than 1! I like tidying up and taking unnecessary things off the desk - makes room for more stash!! Thanks for the visit! Cindy

Hammers said...

Hi Judy, thanks for swinging by and for your lovely comments. Love Mr Dio..I can see why he ladies love him! I have a thing for Paper Smooches stamps, I am coveting a few of them right now and want to 'borrow' yours. Cx #32

famfa said...

I can't find any of the things you mentioned. I would be no good in one of those spitting games.
Your comment about lingerie football made me laugh and yes I'm sure it's a hubby fantasy as mine has never heard of it
Famfa 3

Winnie said...

Dio looks like a great stamping companion! I love your orange seam binding, I am thinking perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Paper Smooches are so adorable! Thanks for the kind visit today. Yes, I think my stamp room looks like a mini Ranger Ink. I don't know why, but I seem to gravitate to Tim's stuff. I see you are a A muse consultant. I remember them before they went with consultants. How do you like it? Winnie#72

Kim Ferguson said...

I just noticed on some site the other day that they are selling a scrappers version of a rolled top desk. Love yours and your kitty. Kim #31 thanks for visiting and commenting.

Patsy Paterno said...

A great view of your desk. Thanks for the peek, patsy

Nan G said...

Nicely organized desk. Sorry to admit I didn't notice the missing bins...too busy looking at the hunk! ahem grin Oh the kitty is darn cute too! Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #7

Alpha Shanahan said...

Dio looks shy :) And you really have a nice workdesk. have fun playing with those stamps, and thanks for dropping by my blog. alpha shanahan

Annie said...

Fab desk...very tidy
Gorgeous cat...should be famous
Mr Princess...hmmm nice one :-)
Enjoyed my visit.
A x # 50

Erika said...

Wonderful desk, dear Judy, especially with the cat and mr. prince :) I love this kind of desks, so unique and fine.

Erika said...

Wonderful desk, dear Judy, especially with the cat and mr. prince :) I love this kind of desks, so unique and fine.

lisa said...

Your desk is looking beautiful and organised, Judy and I have my eye on that seam binding, it's a fabulous colour. Count me in on Dio's entourage, he's a star, as is Mr Princess, he looks like he's doing a covert operation on your desk too, maybe he's after your coffee holder!!!! What a great story, you made me laugh out loud.
Hugs Lisax #58

Gillian Pearce said...

Thanks for the visit Judy. I know what you mean about not taking on anymore hobbies. I wrote a list the other day of all the things I want to do with the stuff I've already got and it's very long!

Have a fun filled week.
Gillian #73

Julie Ann Lee said...

Thanks so much for the visit! I had such a busy day yesterday, I'm still catching up with desks. Dio is gorgeous. I can just imagine that our cat Daisy would swoon over him! Isn't seam binding just the loveliest stuff? I need more, come to think of it! Now, somebody, somewhere in Blogland was talking about 'Moos' - what about making Moos from your cup holder: they seem to be tiny, teeny showcases for your art, smaller than ATCS, smaller than twinchies! Have a lovely rest of the week! Julie Ann xx #35

Eliza said...

Oh look at that big beautiful boy, Dio is so handsome, ha ha and you thought I was talking about Mr Princess LOL... desk looks great, but it always looks great. Thanks for popping in and saying hi, sorry I am returning so late as I am in Grandfinal week and it is hell with work.

Belated WOYWW greetings
Eliza & Yoda 30

BJ said...

Glad you sorted your bins out, finding your micro beads in the process. Thanks for the visit BJ#26

VonnyK said...

Your photo looks like Mr Princess and Dio are deep in conversation. I bet they were discussing how to ship your gorgeous desk to Australia. It would look wonderful in my room :)
Have a great week,
Von #41

ike said...

Greeeeeeeaaaaat Kitty :-)
Love the camping set of stamps with that cute bear :-)


IKE in Greece #75 xx

Lynn McAuley said...

How fabulous to work at a rolltop desk! That could hide a multitude of sins in a hurry!

Looks like a fun cast of characters to work with in your new Paper Smooches!

Thanks for visiting me this Wednesday! I loved poking through your stuff!

Lynn #20

sandra de said...

Cute kitty who did very well to not be up staged by mr Princess. Your desk is the admiration of many woywws. Love how you have organised the bins almost an art installation itself. Have a lovely week.
Sandra @12

Mrs.D said...

What a awell organised desk, and thanks for visiting me.
Love your cat, they like to be in the thick of it.
Chris #47

Rita said...

With fame comes a price. Now we'll expect pictures like the paparazzi--lol!

I'm always tweaking my storage and rearranging. Your desk looks great! :)

Bridget Larsen said...

Love your wooden desk, so nice and neat. Cute stamps you have there
Bridget #78

Kelly said...

Good morning! Okay, as a romance author my eye went straight to the handsome man in the background... then the cat - cause I'm a cat person. Dio's fan base will grow by leaps and bounds now. I hope he's ready!

I concur with the suggestions for the coffee sleeve. And yes, reorganization is a never ending process as our muse inspiration changes.

Glad you're back!
Creative Blessings! Kelly #15

butlersabroad said...

Whoa! My first thought was "why does she have a Bill Clinton cut out by her desk??!!!" Tell the hubby sorry for that, lol! I've used the inside of a coffee sleeve as DP before, but it had a nice textured surface that I rubbed with ink and it was a coffee themed card anyway. Yeah, that girl in Mike's needed to man up and tell him where to get off, or get a new relationship! Bet he wouldn't have had a problem if she went to JoAnns! Have a great weekend.


Gráinne said...

I love this desk! Fab piece of furniture. Wonderful new stamps, too. Thanks so much for your visit and have a great weekend, Suzanne

April Story said...

I think organizing crafting 'stuff' is a constant battle. Paper Smooches are one of my favorites - so funny. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. April #21

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh my, you did make me laugh sneaking around to get the new cup holder! Gorgeous pussycat.