Friday, July 12, 2013

The Pox!

The other morning the supervisor in my area stopped by my office to tell me that an employee would be late to work.  I noted that he hadn't called in on the sick/late line and wondered how she knew he was late as opposed to being out.  She pondered that for a moment and said, "Well, I'm assuming he's just late.  He texted me a picture of a flat tire."

I thought that was brilliant--a quick visit to Google images and you have an instant excuse for being late.

So the next day I visited Google images and sent her this photo and email:
Sorry! Can't make it to work today. I have the pox!
She pointed out to me that it would be more believable if I weren't actually in my office. Well, heck.  Leave it to me to louse up the details.  Next week I'm going to Google myself some tumor photos.  Just you wait and see!

The Fine Print: Sorry to horrify you with that photo of what looks like bad back acne.  Look at the Club Scrap peacock ones instead.  The patterned paper on the top card is from my stash.


Krisha said...


Julia Dunnit said...

Ya see, I would not have thought of that in a kerjillion years and now you've planted the skive seed in my head! love the cards, the green floral paper is so fresh and pretty.

butterfly said...

More fabulous Peacock designs... and a very masculine back you have there!
Alison x