Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Customer is/is not Always Right

I like to read blogs that make me laugh so when someone mentioned a blog they found hilarious and I had to check it out.  The blog may have been called The Customer is Always Right and it was poking fun of things customers ask for.  I could see humor potential there.  I work at an institution of higher learning and we're always asked such gems as, "Do I have to buy the book for this class?" and "Do I have to go to class?"  I also work the switchboard often enough to know that there is so such a thing as a ridiculous question.  "How much are your burial plots?" being one of my personal favorite.

The day I went to check the blog out their post went along these lines:
Customer: I want a cheeseburger with no cheese.
Waiter:  So you mean a hamburger?
Customer: No. I want a cheeseburger, but with no cheese.
Waiter: That's a hamburger.
Customer: What is wrong with you?  I want a cheeseburger without the cheese.
Waiter (giving up): Okay, then that's one cheeseburger without the cheese.
Customer: See? Was that so hard?
Then there were a lot of comments about what a jerk the customer was and blah, blah, blah.  However, I failed to see the humor value in it because when I go to a restaurant and order this is how it goes:
Me: I want a hamburger.
Waiter: Do you want cheese on that?

The Fine Print: I've learned you can't get snippy and say, "Did I order a fricking cheeseburger?" because then the waitstaff will rub your dinner with his genitalia and I definitely didn't order that. That's the last of the peacock cards that I have made.  There is still more stuff in the box plus all the stamps that set came with so perhaps there will be more at some point.  And no, you don't have to buy the book or even go to class but you don't have to pass the thing either.


Krisha said...

LOVE IT!! While being a catalog/intranet phone sales person the best was a guy that called and wanted to know how big a 36" square was and if it was bigger than the 30" circumference table he just bought. I finally had to tell him it was 36 wide and 36 deep, cause he didn't get it when I first said it was 36 x 36. I don't think he bought the book or attended class...LOL

butterfly said...

Thank you for that... I'm in need of a good laugh just now, and that's really helped! Sad to see the last of the peacocks so I'm happy to know there's at least the potential for more one day...
Alison x

Becky Evans said...

Got a good laugh from those. I have worked in customer service in past and it's amazing what you hear. It also goes the other way too.....several years ago when Po Folks restaurant was in Tucson, I went thru the drive-thru and ordered a full meal that included chicken livers, mashed potatoes and green beans, etc. and they asked me "did I want utensils with that? I replied...."No, I'll just eat it with my hands!"