Monday, July 29, 2013

In a Fog?

You know how people like to chat on their cell phones in public restrooms?  I like to eavesdrop.  Sometimes it is interesting to get a glimpse into someone else's life.  Often times it isn't interesting and you wonder what was so darn important they couldn't even tinkle first.
Before I went into the restroom I was pondering if I had mailed out a swap card I had made or not.  Then I got to thinking about if I actually made the card or not.  Yes, sometimes my brain is that bad.  I do remember starting the card but that's all I got. 
Oddly enough, the girl in the restroom was talking about how bad her memory was and how she couldn't remember the simplest of things.  She went on to diagnosis herself with "period brain" saying she gets like this whenever she gets her period.

For a moment I was excited because I had an excuse, but then I remembered I wasn't on my period.  That got me thinking to all the other excuses I've heard for not remembering well.
Chemo brain. Allergy med brain. High blood pressure brain. Low blood pressure brain.  Low blood sugar brain.  Sugar brain. Alcohol brain.  Wine cooler brain. Caffeinated brain.  Not caffeinated enough brain.  Finals brain. Stress brain.  Boredom brain.  Cupcake brain. And of course all the girlie ones: hormonal brain, pregnancy brain, baby brain, menopause brain, peri-menopause brain and now the new period brain.
Can't we just admit we're distracted?

The Fine Print: The more I think of it the more I realize that all these excuses come out the mouths of women (not just the girlie ones).  Guys will just say, "Shit. I forgot" and that's that.  I'd say more but I forgot what I was going to say because I'm distracted.  Peacocks.  Club Scrap.


butterfly said...

Too much input all the time, our brains can't cope... I read somewhere once that a medieval peasant, in his entire lifetime, wouldn't have to process the amount of new information that is in one edition of a daily broadsheet newspaper today. Our brains haven't had time to evolve for that level of stimulation!!

Fabulous cards - so in love with the peacock theme...
Alison x

Anonymous said...

SO true! I agree we are all going too fast and trying to keep up with too much! Lovely cards Princess! Have a good day. XO