Sunday, July 21, 2013

All Natural

I had a friend who used to pester me to try her skin care regime because she just loved the way it made her face look and feel.  I'm sure the fact that her sister sold the products in question played a part of why she wanted me to try it as well.

I'm quite pleased with my current skin care products.  I don't need to find a demonstrator or have a home party to buy them, and I certainly don't need to save up for them.  In fact, I just walk into the drug store and pluck them off the shelf.  That said, however, I can be experimental in the name of getting you to shut your piehole up.

There were far more steps than I'm used to with slapping on this and dabbing this, and slathering on that and wiping the other off.  The end result was my face itched and itched along my jaw line.  It went on and on until I scrubbed my face raw to remove all residue of her superior skin care products.

When I saw her the next day I told my friend that those products gave me a rash.  She pondered that for awhile.  "Huh, that's weird," she said,  "since all they are all natural."

Yeah?  So is poison ivy.

The Fine Print: It is the Sabbath so we cannot have Peacocks in front of us, remember?   Stamp by Magnolia, papers by DCWV, coloring by me!

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fairy thoughts said...

Hi Pj
I never understood the whole buy stuff at a party and wait a week thing either..... I'm a just buy it Linda gal!
Love the pirate reminds me of someone I know too