Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Peacock Never Dies

After sharing cards made from the Peacock kit (the last couple posts, for those of you just joining us), I decided that perhaps I should see if I actually used up all that kit or not.  It isn't that I've run out of peacock cards to share, but rather that I still have the box lurking next to my desk.

I have a bad habit of hoarding Club Scrap boxes, mostly because I don't finish up the kit right away or even anytime in the same year, but even when I do I promptly turn around and shove other stuff into the box for storage.

The answer was that yes I made all 15 cards from the Greetings to Go pack but I still had the leftovers, the cardstock, and the extra cut outs that I bought left.  So far today I've made 6 more cards with that stuff and still have things to play with.  I'm kind of getting peacocked out though.

True story: I once saw a peacock strutting down the side of the road, like a man on a mission.  I didn't disturb him.  I hear those things can be mean.  Besides, what would I do with a peacock?!  "Look ma! It followed me home."
We do *not* hoard these boxes.

The Fine Print: Actually I see now that getting rid of my hoard of CS boxes would make the cat really sad so I guess I have to keep them forever so she has a place to sit and look regal.  Wait, do I really have to tell you that all the card parts 'n stuff are by Club Scrap, the peacock kit? 

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butterfly said...

Yes, plus peacocks make the most horrific noise - you wouldn't want one in the back yard! Another great card.
Alison x