Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mad for Mosaic

Here is some Mosaic Madness for you on this fine Sabbath Day.  I made this with my fairly new Stampin' Up goodies.  I confess to being far more excited by the Six Sided Sampler than the Mosaic Madness Bundle when I first saw the new catalog, but yet guess which one I bought first!
That's right I got Mosaic Madness first!  That is because I am highly open to suggestion and I made a card at a workshop with it so of course that changed my mind.  Neither of these are the card I made in the workshop though.  I didn't think to photograph that one but should I come across it during my adventures in my craft room, I'll be sure to do so.
I'm feeling a bit puny this afternoon.  Hubby and I helped a friend clear out her garage so there was a lot of manual labor in the heat.  Although we did much more manual labor for longer in hotter heat a couple of weeks ago and that didn't tear me apart like this did.  I was suspecting it was because I just got over a cold, but hubby says we didn't work in 78% humidity before either.  Remember, we're Arizona lizards, we like our heat dry.

The Fine Print: Never fear, if you're local and would like to get in on the garage cleaning action we've got some more for you.  All stuff by Stampin' Up.  I'd look up the sets and stuff used if only I weren't so lazy.

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Squirrel x said...

Both fabulous hun xx