Sunday, July 14, 2013

And on the Seventh Day....

 And on the seventh day, both God and Judy agreed to give peacocks a rest.  As it says in the Bible, Thou shall Not bring false peacocks before thee and thine on the Sabbath.  In facteth, Thou shall not bring any peacocks at all, false or no.  Prevaricators 12:4
Instead God and I decided to share some birthday cards I made.   I haven't forsaken card kits though.  These are from a kit that DeNami used to sell (it appears they no longer do these, but they do have a new release out).  You would get all the cardstock and embellishments to make a couple cards each of four different designs.  You had to purchase the stamps separately, but if you were like me, you already had them.  I made and used several of these cards before and since I didn't want to inadvertently send a duplicate card to someone I made these up and decided to send them to Operation Write Home
I think it is kind of silly that I was afraid of sending a duplicate birthday card.  Truth be told, I haven't sent but a couple birthday cards all year.  I pretty much am ignoring everyone's birthday.  It isn't that I don't think of them; it's just that I can't get it together enough to send a card.  But now I seem to have all these peacock cards...

The Fine Print:  Speaking a God, and we did earlier in the post in case you forgot, I once received a bible and large Ginsu carving knife in the mail.  It came in a plain brown wrapper with no return address.  I thought it was the most peculiar thing and wondered if I were being recruited by a cult.  As excited as I was by that prospect I never heard from them again.  Stamps and card parts by DeNami Designs.

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