Friday, July 26, 2013

Only a Couple Few More to Go....

Hey, I'm down to the last seven hundred and twenty two Peacock cards to show you.  Are you relieved? Excited? Sad?  Wish I'd shut up already and show you them?
Someone was griping the other day about how terrible it is that all the charity walks and events are on Sundays because after all she has to go to church on Sunday.  She isn't the pastor or any kind of officiant, so I guess she has to go to church otherwise her god will be mad.  I find that hard to believe that her god or anyone's god would get mad at you if you chose to do charitable acts instead of going to a house of worship to listen to how one should be doing them.
And for some reason that little tale made me think of the comedian who talks about his very heavily attended church that has several branches in his town, and perhaps in your town too.  It is called The Church of IHOP.  Have you been?  I attend Wednesday night service there myself.
And for some bizarre reason that makes me think of Denis Leary's rant about not smoking on airplanes and how that rule is only for normal situations, because if the shit hit the fan it would be like this:
*fsst*crackle*" Ladies and Gentleman, this is your Captain speaking.  Light 'em up if you got 'em as this plane is going down."
Which of course, brings to mind Ron White's conversation with his fellow passenger on a rough flight:
Fellow Passenger: Oh my god! The captain just said the plane lost an engine and the remaining engine isn't working well! How far do you think one bad engine can take us??
 Ron White: All the way to the crash site.

 And that's how my brain makes the jump from one thing to the next.  Did you keep up?  Now do you know how difficult it is to be me?  Or to be near me?!

The Fine Print: Not only would one faulty plane engine get you all the way to the crash site but it would still have enough get up and go to beat the emergency crews there.  Almost all the stuff by Club Scrap Peacock kit except the silver disks, green bling, and the background paper on card #4 which came out of my stash.  Oh hey, now I'm thinking about that punk rock song called A Passenger on the Menu which is about that plane that crashed in the Andes Mountains where the survivors ate those who perished so they'd stay alive.  Aren't you thrilled to know how my brain works?  Now do you see why I try to keep it occupied and don't let it out by itself?


Di said...

Fabulous cards Judy! Laughing here at your tales :)

Hugs, Di xx

Krisha said...

ROTFLOL! LOVE your post, and stunning cards, love the turquoise one!

butterfly said...

Always a great read, and NOOO - don't ever run out of peacock cards!
Alison x