Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My name is Poppy and I don't want to write about Workdesks Wednesday hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground today because I'm busy practicing my ignoring.  Ignoring peoples is an important cat trait and practices makes perfects!  'N since so many peoples visit for WOYWW I can do lots of ignoring today.  That's talents!

I will put the pitchers up though otherwise my mommie might not give me any crunchies.

Same old desk

I could eat this bird. It wants me to.

It's not berry exciting. It has some stuff and papers and blue knitting!  That's my knitting!  Why is it on the desks? I not awowed up there. I wike the little blue post it note. It has scribbles on it but my papa recognized it as a potential card design.  He's kind of smart for a boy.

This card is spooky. My moms was making two of these but she forgotted to put a mask on the one on the desk. I guess you have to wears a mask when you make spooky cards. It has red sprays on it like the sprays I get when I'm naughty but that doesn't has colors in it.

Mom got really cool stuff in the mails from England. That's like berry far away. There's a big baftub full of water between here and there. It has sharks in there and they eat you. But the postman he can swim really fast and not get eated and brings goodie from Fairy Thoughts. My says they did a barters and she sented bats in the belfry and she gotted back this cool notebook made wif dumfings, felt pieces to place with, and a bracelet that has buttons on it.  Mom says it is a wot of work to sew buttons on so probably that's why she hasn't putted the button back on my papa's shirt.

The Fine Prints: Card stuffs by A Mew Studio, onyx papers regular and shimmers, "Nebermore" stamp set, bat dies, cherry splash spray, and a marker by Tombow.


Danielle said...

Well Poppy, it was berry nice of you to post this for your Moms. The card she made is very nice and I can see why you need a mask when creating something this spooky. While I know that it may be tempting, please do not eat the bird.
P.S. I don't blame your Mom for not sewing the button back on your Papa's shirt. That chore can be "spooky". Dani#16

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

(LOL) Well, it is a very cool card!
Even if I am being ignored :)
You remind me of my kitty I had in college!
Mary Jo #40

JoZart said...

all good fun but we cannot ignore the lovely cutey Poppy now, can we?
Jo x
If I win the Lotto I'll ship you over for a meet up!
Jo x

fairy thoughts said...

You are a very smart cat poppy, well done. glad you mom liked her goodies from over the water. Sewing buttons on a shirt is not nearly somuch fun asa bracelet.
hope you get a big plate of fish for writing this post
janet #39

Darnell J Knauss said...

Dear Cat.

I read your post, and then I went back and looked at what your Mom has been up to this past week. Would you give her a message for me? I'll put this in language you can understand.

"Lady said to tew you dat you make purdy cawds. And dat you are a nutball. She wikes dat about you. The end."

Thanks for coming by my place earlier! Have a great week and don't eat too many crunchies!

Darnell #74

ScrappnBee said...

Poppy, you rock as a blogger. Mommy will be proud (well, maybe not proud of the ignoring) LOL. I agree that buttons are hard work. None are reattached over here either. Thanks for the peeks...and the smiles and laughs! Have a happy WOYWW- Amanda #97

sandee said...

Poppy, you are doing an excellent job keeping your back turned to us but I'm afraid we have found you out to be a closet crafter! Tell your mommy hi and I hope she gives you lots of crunchies! waving the #50 from the hills of North Carolina :)

trisha too said...

Poppy, you have raised ignoring to an art form in and of itself, I'm sure, but we DO like to see the Princess's artistic endeavors, as well, so thank you for sharing the pics . . .

Happy WOYWW! (Not to Poppy, of course, as she is in the middle of ignoring.)
:)trisha, #144

RosA said...

Poppy, please tell your mom that is a lovely felted thingy that she got in the mail and the spooky card isn't bad either. But you had better not eat the birdy or your mom might not give you any crunchies!
RosA # 33

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi Poppy,
Harry and Ron here (LLJ catz). Good work with the ignoring, American girl...we're concentrating mostly on staring and sleeping. Got to keep British morale up!!
Puurrrrrrrrr #70

Neet said...

Hi Poppy - why has mom J gone AWOL? No wonder you are ignoring her if she leaves you to do all this work. Thanks anyway for showing us her desk and sharing her goodies.
It's a bit far for you to come to England but you can cross the water in a big ship you know, or you can fly over in a thing called an airplane. It's like a big mechanical metal bird.
You need to have a word with your mom J about travel!
Hugs, and thanks
Neet 17 xx

Helen said...

Hi Judy thanks for popping by. I think the perfect storage solutions are out there - we just have to keep desk hopping to find the ones that will work for us!! I love your post - It was so funny - hope Poppy got her crunchies! I am loving all the halloween this week. Your card is fab. I never get such fine results when I spray there are always big blobs included!! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 5

VonnyK said...

Who's a siwwy pussy den. Thanks for showing your mummies desk, she got some wonderful pressies. Don't scratch them wiv your claws.
Go and do some more ignoring practise now.
Have a great week.
Von #54

Neesie said...

Hey Poppy...(rattling crunchies bag to get attention)
It's Muffin here ^..^
I just wanted to say I'm impressed with your dedication to duty!
That's some skill you have there ;D
My mum's trying to see the desk but I'm distracting her...we make a good team.
See you next week then?
Have fun until then...
Happy WOYWW ♥Neesie♥ #41

Lindsay Weirich said...

love the ATC! happy woyww! Lindsay #24

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Princess Judy,

Did you draw that crow? Very well done!!! Love the card.

Boy, did you get something nice from across the pond!

Hugs, Kay #31

Redanne said...

Hi Poppy, please don't eat the birdie because you may not get your crunchies.....I am very impressed that Dad knows about crafty things, you might get more crunchies if you help Mum to make cards too! Love Mum's scary card and the woolly gift from where I live in the UK...very nice indeed. Please thank Mum for visiting me too. Big hugs, Anne x

Barb King said...

Nice trade, and love the talking cat, I think mine would only swear...he's a freshie sometimes. Have a great week, Barb # 30something.

House of Bears said...

Yay a blogging cat, how cool. Love from the blogging bears

May said...

Well Poppy they say you are no-one until you have been ignored by a cat!! and you are doing a fab job at it!!if mum got the crunchies out would you turn around?
You have done a great job with the pics of mums desk.. lovely gift to mum from the UK.. gorgeous card love the bird not to eat poppy you will spoil your waistline!! Have a happy ignoring week, Hugs May x x x#65

okienurse said...

really cute post! Tried to post several messages but the darn blogger has a mind of its own today...for me anyway! Love the card and those goodies from across the pond are sweet! Thanks for sharing them with us. Vickie #114

Sue from Oregon said...

oh my...I think this is my fave Halloween card I have seen in ages! Awesome!

sandra de said...

Gorgeous gifts from across the pond. Love kitty and her attitude comes across nicely. Great card and I can see why you would want to eat the bird. You being a kitty of course.

Eliza said...

Beautiful gifts that you have and I'll tell you now it is really hard to get good help especially with the furry or fluffy kind that walk of 4 legs and demand food for service but neglect to actually serve. Now that is arrogance for you. On the bright side you do have one really great desk that is well loved. Maybe his lordship and master might co-operate if you cuddle him?

Eliza #88

Samantha Elliott said...

Hello Poppy, Twinnie Pussies here. We are new here so we had better be good or me might get put in a box and sent somewhere else!
Great batty card. We have seen real bats through the window from our desks. We daren't try and catch them or we may fall!
Mummy's desk is not tidy any more so your Mummy can fret no more!

Lisa-Jane said...

Love the bats don't you Poppy?! But then... all the best peoples are bats ;-)

Daniella said...

I am sooooo sorry I am soooo late! I won't give you all the reasons right now, but maybe you could not tell your mommie? she does make beautiful things!! I love the spooky card and how fun that she got all of those goodies from her friends!!

Erika said...

Hi Poppy a late entry from me too. You are a clever clogs typing on the computer your mummy must be so proud. Tell her a great desk as always, loving all her cards.
Hugs Erika.

BJ said...

Hi Judy and thanks for stopping by my desk this week. sorry I'm a bit late replying, not been feeling too good this week, I soldier on... Love your dumfing notebook, how lucky are you? Hope you can find a way to sort out some net curtains. I adore mine and since cutting back the Wisteria outside I can now see the window from the garden and they look great from outside too. (and they now match the bathroom too) BJ#100

kay said...

Hi poppy, your blogging skills have greatly improved,hope you got your crunchies and tell your mum the card is great x

Jojorenee said...

Love the way your desk provides so much storage and the bats on your card!Tamika #162

Queen Lightwell said...

Was looking for my comment and couldn't find it...Guess I've just been awol so far this week!?! Love the comment from your kitt'r about the bird wanting it to eat it. :) I see you have your TH inks labeled, by name? I put some color labels on mine but I'm not sure I'm going to like that because the paper took the color really well, too well I think. I'm not sure the samples are reflecting the true color...oh, well. Anyways, I think you've stopped by my desk already so thanks for that but I'm really tired so um its naptime...:)

Anonymous said...

What a talented kitty you are Poppy, don't ignore us again, we like your posts. Pretty stuff from across the pond too, your mum has nice friends.

Brenda 1

Jan Hennings said...

Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!