Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Puttering Day

It is darn near bedtime and I haven't updated my blog today.  That is because I have been a busy beaver. Well, truthfully, I haven't been a beaver at all, but I have been busy.

Today I puttered!  I do love a good putter and haven't had one in a long time.  Puttering, to me, is when you do a little of this and a little of that.  What makes puttering puttering and not just screwing around is you accomplish stuff, even if it is just stuff that no one but you knows about or appreciates.

If you spent time cleaning out the jam from under your toenails, cleaning lint from your hairbrush, straightening your hankies, alphabetizing your soups, and arranging your ribbons in Roy G Biv order, well you might have puttered.  Or you might be anal. But most likely you puttered.

I started some cards today but did not finish them.  That's because that's not puttering, that's playing. And I didn't play today.  I do have a shimmery card to share with you.  Unfortunately, the essence of sheen is lost in the scan

The Fine Print: I think I'll add the word 'midget' to this post so I can see how many hits I get because both  the words midget and anal are here.  All products by A Muse Studio; shimmer damask in fern, shimmer sugar, onyx and fern non-shimmer cardstocks, onyx pearls, and greeting from "Eassential Sentiments" set.


Krisha said...

LOL! I agree totally with the "putter" method of doing things. Sometimes that is the only way I get things done. Love the card even if we didn't get the shimmer!!!

Squirrel x said...

Nothing like a good putter, makes the soul feel happier. Fab card hun, truly stylish. Not to sure about you choosing such strange words merely to garner more hits - am now sat wondering who would Google a variety of combinations to have your blog come up high on the list ..... Sxx

butterfly said...

Love this elegant card - super fresh green, and sharp white butterfly!
Alison x

Samantha Elliott said...

I too like a good putter! Had a bit of one tonight in my craft room but puttering about shifting stuff from one shelf to another in the vague hope of getting it sorted!! Ho Hum! Perhaps the Tidy Elves will pop by and feel sorry for me!
Love that card is gorgeous!