Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Really Quick Stuff

I didn't punch anyone today which given how today went is pretty impressive.  Today was so wacky that I consulted the calendar to see where we were in the lunar cycle.  Much like the menstural cycle, that lunar cycle will mess you up quicker than....    than....      ...than really quick stuff.  It turns out that the new moon is on Saturday, which under normal circumstances is too far away to be pestering us yet, but we've had our 4th gray cloudy day in a row here, complete with mysterious wet stuff from the sky.  For us desert dwellers, that will mess us up quicker than really, really, REALLY quick stuff.* 

*I figure speeding bullets and speeding locomotives are too trite.  I wanted to say quicker than the automatic toilet will flush your car keys into oblivon, but unless you've done it maybe you can't appreciate just how quick that is.  And maybe you'd be too busy wondering why anyone would put their car keys into the automatic flushing toilet, or any toilet for that matter, and that would be because it was an accident of course.  And no, this never happened to me but I was present for the flush and the blood curdling scream and once you've been present for that, you'd rather lock your keys in your car than bring them into a restroom.

Oh.  And my hand hurts. A lot.  But I promise that I didn't punch anyone. I blame the weather.  And the moon.

The Fine Print: A Muse Artstamps rocketship, Mostly Animals cloudy background, Cuttlebug embossed circle.  And.  Whatever.


RosA said...

Hmm, I figure I can't really sleep if it's a full moon, specially if I know about it, so I prefer not to consult the lunar calendar. Maybe we just need heavier curtains.
Happy WOYWW, RosA # 35

Squirrel x said...

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars ..... great card hun! Not sure about the effect of the lunar cycle, but we sure do know about the grey cloud effect in the UK, it's our default setting. Sunshiney hugs Sxx