Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh, A Muse!

Hello There Friends and Family and Random Veeagra Salesmen!

I can't show you anymore Navajo cards today because I coated my desk in a layer of this and that made by A Muse and buried it. I happen to have two A Muse events coming up in the next week so I thought it best to dust off my a|s goodies.  I thought this would be a nice masculine card.
That bytes!
And this is a nice feminine card.  Really, though, the purpose of this card was to make a card that didn't need coloring and focused more on the ink.  When you are doing a workshop I find it best to limit the amount of coloring otherwise everyone sits around and waits on markers or pencils to be passed.  I'm rather pleased with myself that I thought to put washi tape on this card for an accent.  Washi or tissue tape is so popular these days, but no one, myself included, really knows what to do with it.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio except the black Memento ink and gray Copic markers, but a|s does sell them too! Manly card-stamps from the "Brief Notes" set and "Extraordinary" background, cardstock blueberry, winter sky, cobalt, and sugar  Girly card-stamps from "Beautiful Botanicals 2," "Making a Different," "Handscripted," and "Harlequin"sets and background; inks lemon whip, grass, and bubblegum, cardstocks used are buttercup, bubblegum, and sugar. And yaah I probably should have photographed that last card instead of scanned it bcause of the button, but I didn't.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh me likey. And washi tape appears to be allowed to appear randomly wherever you wouldn't think to put it...they call it 'art' doncha know. I got them figured. Love these cards. I wanna be an a muse demo. In Britain.

RosA said...

No, I don't know either. I was hoping you would! And I've gone and bought tons of it recently and it just sits looking pretty while I wonder ...