Monday, September 3, 2012

Calendar Fun

Please excuse me if I go running out of the room, screaming and pulling my hair before I finish this post.  I stopped and said a few words to the neighbor outside and we got swarmed by mosquitoes.  I swear I still feel them on me!  They might not no longer be on me, but they were as I have the welts to prove it.  ARGH!

Creepy boo-hoo day is more how I feel right now.
I thought I'd take a break from shoving Club Scrap atcha and show you some A Muse Studio stamps.  This set is called Calendar Fun and is one of the featured spotlight sets for September and that means it is on sale.  I liked this stamp set from the first time I saw it.  I liked that it had all sorts of small icons for various holidays.  I could see these stamps being very useful stamps and would look good stamped on an envelope.

Oddly enough, I didn't use these stamps to mark dates on my calendar.  Whoops! Then again, except for stamping a bomb on the first day of school (yes, you read that right) I haven't really marked my calendar this year.  Hey, maybe that will be my excuse for missing every one's birthday.

There are some of these stamps that I don't understand, such as the baby bottle.  What do you put that on the calendar for?  Don't forget to feed the baby?!  Don't forget to give birth on this day?  Hmmm... not sure. The bell? Is that supposed to be Christmas? And I can imagine weary moms stamping snowflake after snowflake after snowflake on all the kids' snow days and praying for sunshine.  Nonetheless it is a fun stamp set.
I was impressed that this stamp set had a little school in it because even though I have no school aged children, or any children at all for that matter, I do mark when school starts.  It is important to know so you'll have the house properly stocked with vodka and you'll know not to drive past the university any time soon. 

Later I looked at the little school stamp again and suddenly wondered if it really was a little church. Like the baby bottle, I didn't see why you'd need to stamp little churches on your calendar. You probably have that church going thing down pat and don't need reminders. And gosh help you if you have that many weddings and baptisms to attend...  Then A Muse made this card:
They made this card, not me. I bought the monthly sample cards and the corresponding workshop kit this month because everyone of them really sparked my imagination. This one was the use of glitter on red line tape.  That's an oldie but goodie technique that has totally slipped my mind. It was good to see it in person to remind me it existed.  When I do this card for a workshop I rather expect to hear that same sentiment from many other people.  We'll see!

Anyway, I got off track. I thought this was a school and then I thought it was a church and then I saw this card and thought it must be a thank you card for a wedding gift.  Then I thought, "Well, gee that isn't really wedding-y. Really that would make a better thank you card for a teacher.  "Dear Teacher, Thank you for letting little Billy back into your classroom after he poured super glue all over you chair. He sure can be a little rascal sometimes!"

Then I decided that with the addition of the lime green gemstone over the bell on the image it could be a card thanking someone for a housewarming gift.  That's right, that little figure could be a house too. Haven't you always wanted a house with a cupola?

So there you have it, some Calendar Fun cards and my weird thought process over one little stamp.  Thanks for helping me take my mind off my mosquito welts bites. I didn't run off during the post, but I'm not sure I can sit still long enough to do tomorrow's too.

The Fine Print: Spooky Boo Day stamps "Calendar Fun" and "Spooky Boo Day;" cardstocks orange, Seattle petite polka dot, and orange chevron; onyx stitched ribbon, and Labels 1 from Spellbinders.  Autumn Leaves stamps "Calendar Fun" and "Autumn Days;" cardstocks orange, fern, and French roast gingham; inks orange, papaya, currant, cherry, French roast, and Memento cocoa; scallop border die set; toffee twine; and chocolate pearls.  Hanukkah stamps "Calendar Fun" and "Mini Holiday Messages;" cardstocks Winter sky and ocean; clear twinkle stickers, and silver cord.  Thank you card stamps "Calendar Fun" and "Thank You Mix" (also a spotlight set); cardstocks sugar and fern; red line tape, lime glitter, cloud die diecut used as stencil; and winter sky Splash spray.

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Sandy said...

That's a cool little stamp set by the look of it with lots of great little stamps. Like the little punmpin and the house/church/school house one... Thanks for all the great comments on my blog too always a pleasure to read your lovely comments.. You really must try the triple time stamping it was loads of fun... Would look good with the Navajo background..
Sandy :)