Sunday, September 2, 2012

Next Verse, Same as the First

Ya'll are all going to think I'm stuck in a rut but I haven't made anything non-Navajo to share.  Perhaps tomorrow there will be a something different on the blog. After all I need to make a Monday Mailer card (which obviously isn't going out on Monday being as it is a postal holiday), two swap cards, and conjure something up for the next A Muse challenge.  Although the current challenge was extended* so maybe I'm off the hook for that for now.  But... there is a new September spotlight (being that it is September and all) so maybe I'll highlight that just to show you that I do still own A Muse stamps and can even use them sometimes.  Or maybe I'll just flake out, sit back and relax and pretend that it is a holiday and do nothing new.
 * For the love of everything holy, would someone please make something using felt and post it to the A Muse Studio Challenge blog so that we can move on.  And while we're at it, I'm open to suggestions for what theme I should do when it is my time to host the challenge again.

The Fine Print: All the everythings from Club Scrap "Navajo" set with the except of the peach ink which really is peach even though my scanner refuses to believe that (by Vivid) and the fibers on the Spirit-Joy-Soul card which come from my very extensive fiber collection (remember when fibers were all the rage?!)


Craftychris said...

I am still so loving these cards! xx

Sandy said...

Sorry I cant enter your felt challenge as I am in Australia and its only United States that can enter otherwise I would have sorry..... Love all your Navajo themed cards... Sandy :)