Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Haunting

I'm being haunted and it isn't a happy state.  For starters these people aren't even dead, so I can't call a priest, an exorcist, a medium, or any ghost hunters.
It appears the only solution would be to call a hit man.  Someone threw a phone book over the fence today but hit men weren't listed in the yellow or white pages.  I tried "assassin" and "soldier of fortune" and no luck.  I guess the next step is to try Craig's List. I hear you can find everything there.
Oh, there are two of these cards because there are two of these cards.  One is A2 size and one is note card size.  One is from the scanner and you can see what a poor job the scanner does with this card.  The green is really a beautiful poison green.  If it were a liquid, smoke would be gently wafting off it and it would smell like used Dr. Scholl's inserts with a bouquet of rotten cheese.  The camera did a better job but the green still lost some of its oomph.

Oh. And just so you know it was a phonebook vendor who threw a phonebook over my fence.  It isn't like there is some kind of rash of drive-by phonebooking in town.  That might be kind of cool, actually.  Someone start that trend!  Like flash mobbing, but different.

The Fine Print: Never mind me, it will all come out in the wash.  And by "wash" I mean the big sandy/rocky things in town masquerading as rivers, because baby, when they flow they do wash all your troubles away.  I mean, if you troubles are dead bodies.  They'll be in Mexico by sundown.  Pray for rain.  Stamps and twine by A Muse Studio. Dotty paper by A Muse Artstamps.  Poison green paper by Astrobrights.

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Lunch Lady Jan said...

Just as well there isn't smell-o-vision on the Interwebs these days, else we might be fainting from the pongy green stench :)