Thursday, September 13, 2012

I [Heart] A Muse

Another day, another almost bedtime. Where does the time fly to? They say time's fun when you're having flies, so I must have ingested a lot of bugs lately.

I still don't have anything new to share so I'll share some old stuff that I made with the old A Muse stamps. It was a workshop hosted in Phoenix (or one of the 'burbs) that my friend dragged me too. Well, truly I didn't need much dragging, but I did need driving and she did that too. It was a great workshop and it reinvigorated my love for those little wooden stamps.  Before that workshop I was much more a collector of their stamps than a user.

I loved them then and still love them now and I've even come to embrace their new larger cling mount format, but I did have to take some time out to pout about it a little bit. Now I'm an A Muse consultant and I help make A Muse addicts spread the love of A Muse. 'Tis a good life

The Fine Print: Most everything by A Muse Artstamps, exceptions to that are the scalloped heart (Spellbinders), polka dot embossing folder (dunno) and low scalloped wave border (dunno on that either).


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I must get my eyes tested... I didn't read that as 'pucker'......

Lololol, nearly spat my tea out!!

Samantha Elliott said...

Trust LLJ!!! So uncouth!!
These cards are soo amusing though!! Hee Hee!!