Friday, September 14, 2012

I Take Leaf of my Senses

I had a long conversation with myself and it went a little like this:
Me: For dinner we are having vodka and tonic
Self: Minus the tonic
Me: Isn't that uncouth?
Self: Never fear, there will be a substitution for the tonic.
Me: More vodka?
Self: No, a straw.
Me: Awesome
And on that note, I'm thinking of turning myself in to the Witless Protection Plan.

The Fine Print: A shout out to Kevin of Cox Communications, who spent an hour on the phone with me talking me down off the ledge.  Stamps, papers, ribbons, 'n inks by Stampin' Up. Card in honor of fall, which made an appearance this morning to let us know it was waiting in the wings. And everything is centered, because I'm not.

1 comment:

butterfly said...

Well, the vodka's clearly doing something good for the creativity - love your little leaves and your hilarious post title!
Alison x