Monday, September 24, 2012

Highway from Hell

Does anyone remember that website 'Am I hot or not?'  It may even still exist.  Anyway, the premise was you posted your picture and the masses voted if you were hot or not.  I could make some unkind comments about validation and the type of people who post to those sites, but I won't.

I do not need a website or votes to tell me that I am freaking hot!  I mean, really, really hot.  I keep applying cold packs and random refrigerated items to my body and all that happens is they warm up.  I used to be the type of person who was cold all the time. I don't really need to carry a sweater around all the time unless it is to wipe the sweat off myself.
I'm not really the vacationing type (like at all) but going someplace cool sounds really appealing right now, anything to get out of this over-heated hell.*

The Fine Print: * After living in Tucson for over 20 years I used to think hell probably was cooler than here. I'd still like to think that because that is probably where I am going.  Never fear, I'll save you a seat.  Stamps by Inkadinkado "road trip" set, paper by Basic Gray "wander."


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Come to Wiltshire - it's bloomin' freezing!! That should cool you down :)

Julia Dunnit said...

I on the other hand, would very much like to think that I'm so friggin cool that I actually poop ice cubes. And I LOBE a gotta get away! And yeah, he'll won't be so bad, we'll be so busy shaking friends hands I doubt if we'll notice!!

Squirrel x said...

Being a cooler critter myself, you have total sympathy. I nearly wept yesterday when I found the heating had been put on at work. Sxx