Friday, September 28, 2012

Bird Watching

Hewwo. My Name is Poppy and I'll be your guest columnist today. Probably maybe because my mom is feeling lazies.  Today is a bery cloudy day.  I axed my mom and my papa who putted the clouds in the sky but they didn't tell me. It has to be someone wif a bery long ladder.

Earlier dis morning I was doing bird watching. I wike to watch birds. They want me to eat them but I haz to make them sad becuz I can't get to them to eat them.  I hear you are supposed to look up the kind of birds you see in a book.  My papa just bought a book. It woz about zombies.  No zombies outside this mornings.  That is almost sads becuz if there had been zombies outside I bet my mom would have stayed home and played wif me! I mean I wood do it-call in to werk and say can't come in today, zombies outside.

I didn't see this kind of bird outside eivhers.  I fink he is a flamenco.  They do dances. 
The Fine Pint: Stamps by Stampin Up, orange and chevron orange paper by A Mew Studio, flowers by Prima, scallopy thing by A Mews too.  The feme of this card is pinks and orange which iz seeming more normal these days.

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Squirrel x said...

Dere sexy Poppycats. Fank yoos for riting today's columz, 's bout time us kittiez had more says. Sorry yoos not able to get birds. I watch them fat pig birds. Pig ons. They pig on evryfink on bird table. Not seen skinny pink birdz yet. Lotz luv, yoor biggezt fan, Vincenzo Spaghetti xxxx