Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girly Stuff

When it comes to being a girly girl, I am way down on the list of applicants.  In fact, I may not even be on the list.  I'm not sure what makes me a non-girly girl the most.  It could be my dislike of chocolate.  It might be my ability to go to the bathroom by myself.  I suppose it could also be my dislike of talking on the telephone, wearing makeup, doing my hair, and going shopping.  Perhaps it is my general dislike of children.  I also do queer things like research vehicles and buy them based on good ratings and not by color.  I also think women blame their periods too much and should just cop to being a bitch.  Speaking of which, I also don't give much of a shit if you call a bitch, or even the "c" word.  And look, I can say "shit" and "bitch."  If I keep this list up, I'll be growing hair on my chin and scratching my balls in no time.  Holy shit!  I'm halfway there.

Even though I'm not a girly girl I will admit to spending $400 on shoes this weekend.  But, how ungirly girl of me, I bought my shoes based on comfort, feel, and support.  And it was the first time I've been shoe shopping in years, possibly three or more years.  What girly girl can say that?!

The Fine Print: I can say the c-word too but in the interest of spam blockers everywhere, I opted not to.  Stamps by A Muse Studio "Glamour Girl" set, dies by Spellbinders, baker's twine by unknown.


Krisha said...

ROTFLOL!!! Oh PJ you keep me laughing! I can't say I'm a girly girl all the time, I do have my moments....far and few between. As far as balls go God made mine too big to he put them on my chest to keep them from chaffing when I walk!! Oh yes I do like your card!!

505whimsygirl said...

Dear Princess Judy,

O.k., I'm not a girly girl either --- but I do put on a bit of makeup. Wear my hair short because all I want to have to do is run my fingers through it. As for vehicles, well, I uhm, do do research but I have been known to buy a car cuz it's cute (my VW Bug fell under that category).

I am growing hair on my chin but I think it's because of menopause so I don't have a period to blame anymore - on anything. Now I'm just an unstable older woman who's dried up and can't produce anymore........ thank GOD!!!