Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Tree

This tree branch and leafy canopy, along with a heart canopy, were my first ever tree dies. I was excited to have such a big leafy tree.  Then I realized that all it does is cut leaf shaped holes into you paper.  I mean sure you could piece all those leaves onto your card around the tree branches in a pleasing manner if you were insane.
Apparently I'm insane because I decided to try that die inlay technique with it, which is the basically the same thing.  It was my first time doing the die inlay technique, because of you are going to do it, do it big, right?  After the 4 weeks it took me to put all the leaves back into the holes I thought, "Now what?"

You sponge the sky, add some birds, grass that needs mowing and a greeting, of course. Here's a close up of the inlaidedness (which is a word because I said so).
The Fine Print: Twiggy Tree, Leafy Canopy, and Resting Birds by Memory Box. grass by A Muse Studio, corner punch by unknown (from back in the day before stamp companies figured out that people are going t want to know who made it) and greeting by Stampendous.


Squirrel x said...

I never figured you for a patience kinda gal, but I am super impressed. Does a leaf fit any leaf hole or does it have its own specific one? Super job! Hugs xx

chrissy xx said...

Well it's turned out Lovely! I think I understand what you've done lol..If you had started later in the year you could have thrown {glued} the leaves in a pile in the corner and called it Autumn! with no grass {rofl} Your birds could have sat in a leafless tree! Looking down.

Sally H said...

Very impressive, but I am guessing you won't be doing that very often?! It is a really beautiful card. Make sure you give it to someone who will appreciate the effort and work that has gone into it! Don't think I would've had the patience!

Di said...

Oh but Judy, it's gorgeous!! Quite a labour of love and one to be proud of. But is one leaf upside down? That's a JOKE before you go looking!

Chrissy did make me giggle though with her suggestions :)

Hugs, Di xx

Carol L said...

Well BRAVO!! And only 4 weeks to complete? I'm so proud of you :) It turned out quite pretty!! I appreciate all your efforts, because I love to do this with dies :)

Leslie Hanna said...

OH, NO, YOU DIDN'T! OMG, what a poor choice for your first inlaid die attempt! I would have run for the hills. Not a simple sentiment, or even a rainbow, but a SQUILLION TINY LEAVES. You ARE insane.

I'm still chuckling over: in a pleasing manner

jimlynn said...

WOW! You have way too much patience!!! LOVE IT!!!

Jessi Fogan said...

Go big or go home, right? Has it turned you off the inlaid die concept for all time? I feel fuzzy eyed just thinking about it. It's definitely a work of art! And, how cute are those bird bellies? LOVE.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Okay, you seriously are a nutter to choose this die for your first inlay work. OH MY GOD!! I mean, no kidding, it's fantastic, but how long did the doctor say it would be before your eyes uncross??? Hugs, Darnell