Saturday, April 29, 2017

Poke Poke Poke

Let's all just agree that my shoulder hurts and not get tangled up in various details of how that came to be (because the answer is: hell if I know). My shoulder and I (and my hair because it likes to go on outings) went to the physical torturer person who made it hurt so good.  And not so good.

So while my shoulder and arm were trying to decide if they should work or not, I got this crazy urge to do paper piercing.... you know where you poke tons of tiny holes into a piece of paper?
 Close up of my insanity:
Yeah, not the best choice I've ever made, but probably not the worst either. In the end I got a great card out of the deal and my shoulder really isn't any worse for the wear.

The Fine Print: Kitty stamp from Stampin' Up, piercing template by Ornare, card base by A Muse Studio, and doily from my stash. You know what did make my shoulder worse for the wear? Kinesio tape! That stuff ate holes in my skin. 


ionabunny said...

Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon. Lovely holes. You have way more patience that me. Hugz

Georgiana said...

Great background you created. Hope your shoulder feels better soon!

cotnob said...

A pretty card Judy, such a cute image and lovely pinks.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Janeen said...

poke-mon and i have one of those pokey things hiding somewhere in my stash that i have used a couple of times but it makes my shoulder hurt or something when i try to use it so it stays out of sight most times. LOL Cute card and the doily is a nice accent for all the poking going on.

Carol L said...

piercing is good therapy, and I hope your shoulder heals sooner than later. This card is phenomenal and I can't imagine how much time was spent piercing the beautiful piece! Well done!

Fiki said...

hope your shoulder will be better.
your card is gorgeous!
love that cute kitty!

Karen D. said...

so sorry to hear about your shoulder...feel better soon.
Love, love how you did the bkg, looks wonderful! sweet card
xx Karen

LesleyG said...

That's a lot of pricking, but your pain was worth it, for the card. Do hope your shoulder improves a lot real soon xxx

butterfly said...

Tip top piercing and doily decoration... all so pretty in pink. Hope the shoulder sorts itself out soon.
Alison x

Angela Bode said...

OH! Be still my heart! All the things I love on one card! Kitties and Pink of course but I also love doilies and wow, I can't believe you pierced this large sheet of vellum with an injured shoulder. Stunning! I am afraid we have to chalk up all these ailments to the aging process. Boo! I too have shoulder problems and a foot problem. For no good reason except I am getting old. Boo!