Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hey, Chick!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how a coworker told me I needed to spend more time with my hair (so I was going to take it on a road trip). Many of you felt my coworker was rude and/or out of line.

Okay, let me s'plain this to you. This woman is... well, different from us. She's not quite quirky enough to be considered "an odd duck" but she's definitely different. If she tells you that you should use a different moisturizer, shouldn't wear that color, or should spend more time with your hair, it comes from a place of love. She worked the fashion industry for 30 years and she gives these  honest assessments, like you would your BFF (even if you are barely on speaking terms). There isn't any malicious thought or back-handed compliments in them., They are just her being her.

And secondly. She's right. I went into the restroom the other day and thought, "Holy shit! I really should spend more time on my hair. Or at least brush it."

So yeah. There's that.
The Fine Print: Products by Stampin' Up.  I looked like I just came in off the back of motorcycle without a helmet the other day. Apparently, that's pretty common for me. I just don't think of these things (says the woman who religiously brushes the cat every morning).


SARN said...

Great card . . . loving the hen theme. Those SU stamps were really popular.

Seeing as how you religiously brush the cats' fur . . . can you train them to brush your hair for you? Just a thought!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Janeen said...

oh my goodness, i'm so glad you are in my life, you have no idea how the laughter you create saves me!!!!
very cute card and so RIGHT with the red checked background for this chick to stand out on.

Fiki said...

I didnt see your hair so I cant say anything :D
but you card is so great!

Greta said...

What a cute card, Judy! Nice of you to clarify that your co-worker isn't being mean & now you've got me picturing you with hair aflying! Too funny you brush the cat every day--I never have gotten into the habit of doing that with our dogs. Of course, the first dog hated it, so that ended that! By the way--I never even thought of the butterflies signifying upwards & onwards for the retirement card & I love that!

Carol L said...

LOL at what Sarn said above LOL Fun card today - love the hen, the gingham and the twine. All the makin's for a good picnic, 'cept the chick needs to be cooked a little more :)

ionabunny said...

Ahhh, but cat hair everywhere is much more a problem that own hair everywhere. Love this hen and the pink gingham is such fun. Hugz

LesleyG said...

I should spend more time on my hair.....trouble is, I know it'd be wasted, because it's past help most of the time. Hey chick that's a great card though xxx

cotnob said...

A lovely card Judy, a super image and your gingham papers are perfect.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

butterfly said...

Good on you for defending your hair-attacker... though I favour the pulled-through-a-hedge-backwards look myself, so have no truck with hairbrushes. Cutest chicken ever.
Alison x

Carole said...

Super card, Judy - love the hen. Glad you're co-worker wasn't being mean! And... there's nothing wrong with tousled hair!