Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cute Cat

I'm reading this book where the smooth talking con man is milking an older lady for all she's worth. He also hits up her adult children, sisters, other family members and long time family friends. He always has some invention or scheme that is going to be the big one, the big score, the one that makes all these "investments" worthwhile.
The book is making me think of my older brother, except my brother wasn't charming and didn't have all these schemes and plans that didn't work out. He just had some oh-poor-me stories that he'd use to talk folks out of money because of course you didn't want him to have no electricity or no food in the house or even no house.  However, he rarely used the money he "borrowed" from anyone to get his life on track. The guy in the book, never saw any of this inventions or business deals come to fruition either. I guess the thrill was in the chase.

At least my brother didn't kill anyone to further his pipe dreams, like the guy in the book did.

Huh, what a lousy story to go with such a cute card. You can rest assured that this cat has never bilked anyone out of money or possessions. He's never ever even pooped outside the litter box.

The Fine Print: Cat stamp by Stampin' Up, other stuff from my stash. The book I'm reading is Bones in the Desert, our scam artist kills his older lady friend after he takes for all she is worth. She wised up and told him to hit the road. So he did, with her body in his van. 


Carol L said...

cute card with the kitty and pretty plaid paper. The ending of your book is sadly so true of so many con artists in this world today.

Fikreta said...

love this card!

cotnob said...

A sweet card Judy, such a cute image.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

kiwimeskreations said...

Umm - that book was not worth the paper it was printed on by the sound of that Princess J.... Love your cute card - that kitty is a sweetie

Karen Dunbrook said...

such an adorable image...sweet card.
Hope you have a great wknd.
xx Karen

Greta said...

Really cute card, Judy--love the kitty cat & that beautiful plaid! What a book & a story--hope your brother doesn't read your blog--haha! PS--your traffic jam comment on my blog gave me a laugh--only you would think of that! Now I'll always think of that when I look at that stamp!

Carole J said...

Beautiful card! Love the paper, the colours are gorgeous and the image is so cute. x

Bonnie said...

Love that springy plaid paper and the sweet kitty! The book sounds like a bummer, but then I'm not crazy about mysteries.