Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Simplicity of White

I know people who say that the reason they want to own a house is so they can paint the walls any color they wish.  I live in an apartment and I can paint the walls any color I wish, so long as I paint them back to white when I move out.  But personally, I don't see the point of having walls that are colored.  I suspect it is because in my house, you don't see much wall.  The living room has one wall of glass, one wall of 8-foot books shelves, and one wall open to the rest of the house.  The one remaining wall is "blank" and is kind of restful after those other walls.  And I use the word blank in quotes, because it has it's far share of stuff in front of or on it.  The rest of the house follows the same idea.

The whitest room in the house is the kitchen because someone painted the cabinets white and put white tile on the floor.  I get that was probably done so it wouldn't feel so claustrophobic but frankly, white kitchens are a pain to keep clean.  I once had a poorly lit kitchen that had dark brown cabinets and industrial grade indoor/outdoor brown carpet.  Now, that's the way to go.  No one can see if the place is a sty or not!

Since overall my house is so busy, don't mind the bits of white walls peeking through, or even the white on white kitchen.  White is considered clean, open, and simple (unless it is in a kitchen or at least my kitchen).

I've seen some white on white crisp, clean cards lately and thought I'd try my hand at one.
I opted to use on of my 110 lb card bases to make the card more elegant feeling.  I was surprised that the 80 lb cardstock, by the same company, that I used to emboss was a different shade.  At first I found that a bit troublesome but now I think it is okay as it help to delineate the layers.

So that's my card!

The Fine Print: If the lack of cleanliness in my kitchen bothers you, the cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink, knock yourself out!  Embossing folder by QuickKutz, swirl diecut by Magnolia,poinsettia diecut by A Muse Studio, clear jeweled brad by Recollections.


505whimsygirl said...

Dear Princess Judy,

I love your white on white card. It is quite elegant and "clean" looking! Now, as for white walls. Uhm, well, my laundry room is white and my upstairs bathroom is white. The rest of the walls have been colored --- three different shades of yellow, one bright orange wall, and the kitchen is two shades of green..... haaa. Trying to get the house "organized AND clean" to put on the market has been a challenge.

You asked about my scarves. I have several that are made of sock yarn but that might be too scratchy for your delicate skin. You may be more interested in bamboo yarn (or cotton). I noticed in your pumpkin patch post that your hair looked shorter!


butterfly said...

Super crisp, super clean, super elegant!
Alison x

Craftychris said...

Fab card, very elegant - I really like it lots. I used to have a white kitchen in a previous house and it was such a pain to keep clean and I failed miserably! Never again! A bit of dirt never hurt anyone! xx

Squirrel x said...

Doesn't bother me girl - how else will you build up immunities?! Which should in theory mean I am immortal. Hugs Sxx

Maxine D said...

I have an old and grotty kitchen with maroon doors on the cabinets - not my choice - and they still show every mark, I am sure of it!!
Love your white on white card Princess J. Extremely elegant!! I know what you are saying about the varying shades of white - I've been caught with that too.