Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Screw You, Academia

Today's blog post has been suspended due to the overwhelming demands of my class.  
Blame my teacher.

Oh, but go check out my giveaway from my Monday post. Or not.  Be a party poopie, we don't care.

The Fine Print: Seriously people?  THIRTY short answer and essay questions?!  I am a terrible student. I lose interest long before the 15 weeks of a semester are up.  I had a new card I was going to share with you but I forgot to take a picture of it and my brand new scanner, printer, fax, copier, dish washer only beeps, which is entertaining, but hardly useful.  So instead, have an old one.


fairy thoughts said...

Is your fine print getting smaller or is it my eyes?
test suck eh!
good luck with the new printer thingy, my kind of hell
ps... cute card

Maxine D said...

Fabulous card Princess J - and a pox on new technology when it doesn't work!! Pity about the boredom in class - it is not the best way to learn ;-).