Tuesday, November 6, 2012

lesser of two ebils

i had a hard time deciding if i should vote for a repelican or a democat
there are many issues that require much deep thinking
we must vote with our brains not our hearts
or we can vote with our hearts
really as long as we votes 
that is important

my name is dio and i approve this message
The Fine Print: Why yes, that is a recycled card. I mean, WTH, you've giving me a recycled candidate!


sandee said...

I say vote for your brain!! Although you appear to be a devil demo-cat! waving hi from the the hills of North Carolina :)

Whimcees said...


Love your posts - they make me smile! Wishing you a happy evening!


Barbara Diane

May said...

Vote with your brain I say... watching with interest from the UK... sending a cuddle for Dio...so cute!! Hugs May x x x

Georgiana said...

Super cute card, which is perfect for Election Day!

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