Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW Number One-Sixty-Nine

The desk hasn't changed too much since last Wednesday, which will be distressing for those of you who thought it too clean last time.  I have a 3-day weekend coming up so I'm sure I'll mess it up then.
In the middle of my desk is a piece of scrap cardstock and scrap ribbon. They are there for no real reason.  I think that is the biggest news to report today!  The coolest thing on my desk is the multicolored hand-knit washcloth that was a surprise gift (right hand side of the desk). Underneath that is workshop kit I got from A Muse so I can force my friends to make some A Muse cards. It should be fun. Also on my desk is this card that I received from an on-line friend:
Here is a fab ATC I got in the recent women's accessories ATC swap.  There were a lot of great ATCs in this swap. I just grabbed this one to share since it was on the top of a pile on my computer desk (oh, now there's a desk I've never shared with y'all and I should have to appease the non-clean freaks).
Also I have this bin I bought a couple of weeks ago.  Then I hemmed and hawed over if I was really going to use it or not. I decided to keep it to help organize my life.  Stay tuned to see if it works!
And here's a cat for no real reason except for if I end up in the poor house it will be due to this bugger.  His name is Fido and he's older than dinosaur poop.  He also has a non-operable cancerous tumor in his intestines that comes with a short time span (as in don't buy Christmas presents for this cat).  He is the third cat I've had with cancer.*  I'm not saying my house is on a former toxic waste dump, but holy cow.

That's it for WOYWW. I don't have anything to share that I made this time being as I shared everything I've made recently in previous posts. I opted to read a book for pleasure last night instead of playing or doing homework.  Yeah, I'm taking a class this semester too.

Hey for you Blogger experts, is there a way to turn off comments on one particular post?  I have one post from back in March that the male enhancement people like to make spam comments on. 

The Fine Print: I could really do with a lemon meringue pie and yes, that thought is out of left field.  In case you are wondering how the first week of school went (from an employee perspective not a student one) we only had one crier this time. I told my boss he was slipping.

* The other two cancerous kitties are in the great catnip garden in the sky, it isn't Jack and Poppy for you Jack and Poppy fans.  


Craftychris said...

Your desk would be fab even empty, its just such a cool piece of furniture - I love it! The card and ATC's you received are lovely and your cat is so cute! its such a shame she is poorly. As always, your post made me smile! xx #80

Frances said...

You have a great sense of humor, I enjoyed reading your post, especially the fine print (I dream of chocolate chip cookies). Your desk is great, I love seeing all of the organized supplies and tools you have on top. Sorry about your sick cats. Have a great week. Frances #69

Squirrel x said...

I am distressed (who you calling a freak missus!) about the tidy desk. It really is not normal. I may need therapy. Poor kitty - that is a real bummer hun (been there, done that) but still sending the biggest of furry hugs. For the cat. Not you. You get non-furry ones. In case you are allergic to squirrels. xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It is a bummer when your pets fall ill - you have had a run of bad luck with the moggies though... :(
Lemon meringue pie, huh. I would have to have sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream as my 'dream about' treat!

Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

okienurse said...

great looking empty desk...don't let the freaks give you grief. I love roll tops especially the really old ones with the hidden drawers and doors. Sorry to hear about your cat. My son had a cat he left with me when he went to Iraq in 2004. The cat developed a rare brain tumor and I spent literally thousands of dollars to keep the little shit alive till my son got home from Iraq. We even did chemo. 2 weeks after Chad got home Buddy died. 6 months later my tiger cat Boots dies of spinal cancer, 6 months later my last cat Spooky, a tuxedo cat, dies from gut cancer. I ended up in therapy. I loved those critters. I now have 2 girl fur babies but I still miss the boys! Have a great week. Vickie #67

Redanne said...

I just love reading your posts! That storage container looks great but what will you put in it - nothing from your tidy section anyway........I feel very sad for Fido, he is such a gorgeous looking creature, such a shame. I am with you on the lemon meringue pie.....yum. Thanks for your visit earlier. Hugs, Anne x #32

Twiglet said...

Sad about your cat - I am sure you will have given it a good life. I enjoy reading your posts - always a giggle here and there! Have a great 3 day weekend of crafting! x Jo

Lisa-Jane said...

Again you make me laugh with your small print. And now I want a lemon meringue pie - gah!

House of Bears said...

Poor old kitty. Very neat desk by the way :)

The bears @#90

Ali H said...

Desk looks so neat - go get messy & have a fun colourful crafty weekend ! Then show us next week !! Ali #56

Mrs F said...

Poor Fido, he looks understandably miserable!

Your posts always make me laugh, you have a great way of describing stuff. My dream about dessert would be........a walk down the Ben & Jerry's aisle in WalMart with a spoon!

Happy WOYWW, enjoy your long weekend.

Mikes Gal #82

fairy thoughts said...

now it is my turn to be intruiged.... what could posibly be on your computer table you dont want us to see?
to answer your question about the ear defenders.... D1 likes to talk... a lot,so we thought they might be useful he he
janet #61

Erika said...

Hi Jan sorry to hear about your cat. x
Your desk always looks so well organised, the storage looks fab too. Enjoy your Wednesday, hugs Erika. #92

trisha too said...

We've had two with it, I know what you mean, it really makes you wonder.


But my daughter's cat is almost 12,
and perfectly healthy.

:) Happy WOYWW!
trisha, #148 this week

sandee said...

What ya reading and what class are you taking this semester? I just got 50 Shades of Grey and I cannot wait to submerge myself in some slut sludge tonight, hee hee As for the spam, I've had that happen too, I don't know why they latch onto one post like that. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Darnell J Knauss said...

I hate it when my scraps climb up on my desktop for no real reason. Rude!

You had an interesting post for someone with nothing interesting, but it was distressing to read about Fido and the fact that you live above a nuclear waste dump. It does, however, explain a bit about how your mind works.


Thanks for coming to see me! I'm off to check out the rest of your nutty posts from last week. I hope you have a great week!

Darnell #125

Darnell J Knauss said...

I thought when we were swapping ATCs back aways, I joined as a follower, but I don't see me. That will be set to rights immediately.

VonnyK said...

Love checkin out you desk, that washcloth is really something. The colours are fab and it's hand knitted, wow. The card and Atc are gorgeous, love that dress. Sorry about poor pussy, maybe you should stop using the radioactive paints :)
Did you have a look at the wording on your post to see if anything could trigger the 'male' spam attacks? Don't know how to turn anything off, sorry.
Have a great week and have fun with taking the photos :)
Von #44

505whimsygirl said...

Princess Judy,

Got your email -- made me laugh so hard that my tears ran down my legs! Now, what's up with that?????

The card and ATC you received are great. I can understand about not crafting and reading instead. I'm reading "The Lovely Bones" right now and I can't seem to put it down for long.

Oh, I feel for you and your kitty. Isn't it odd how animals can get diseases just like us. I had a dog that had an inoperable tumor and she was fine until one day, when I woke up and looked in her eyes I just knew. Today was the day. Give him lots of loving (if he's that kind of cat).

Kay #17

peggy aplSEEDS said...

hi, Judy, the card and ATC you received are great. i love receiving snail mail! i hope you are successful with your organizing. seems like that is a never ending activity for crafters. so sorry to hear about your cat. he looks so cute. our cat would look so skinny beside him! (i'm visiting using the office internet!)

My name is Cindy said...

Freakishly tidy desk. Neat washcloth. Good luck with the life organising bin. And I could ALWAYS do with lemon meringue pie whatever side of the field I'm on. Cats, vet fees. Say no more, been there, done that. Thanks for popping by to see me, Cindy

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

I love to see your roll top desk so don't mind neat and tidy or total chaos. Thanks for your kind comments on mine today :o)
I laughed at loud at your previous post!

Sandy said...

Poor kitty :( Love that ATC you recieved the dress one is so lovely. The sentiment is thought provoking. Happy WOYWW Sandy :) #59

BJ said...

Thanks for stopping by. Great card and ATC for received and the odd piece of card and ribbon surely would make the beginning of an ATC. BJ#35

Annie said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. Such a pretty puss too :-(
A x #68

butterfly said...

So sorry to hear Fido's not well... that's very bad luck with the cancers. Glad to see you've at least got some great happy mail to keep you cheerful! Belated happy WOYWW, and thanks for your visit!
Alison x

sandra de said...

Poor kitty, I am sure she will be loved up to the final moments .... I too have had 3 cats with cancer. The last one died of skin cancer! But we do live in Australia so that probably explains it. Very cool atc I can see myself borrowing that idea. HOpe you eventually got some lemon meringue pie, I am quite partial to chocolate and have just indulged.
Sandra @20

Queen Lightwell said...

Well, now I have to get the Ice Cream for sure! It sounds like everyone deserves a treat in your house, too. Your desk is looking very tidy...but, having received a secret peek at your computer desk, I will second your notion that pictures of it would surely satisfy even the most demanding clutter-lovers! :) So sorry about your cat. My dog had a second seizure last week, thankfully they were 6 weeks or more apart so the vet is hopeful they aren't anything/don't indicate anything life threatening. Hope your class goes well this semester, what are you in for? (yes, I mean it to sound like a sentencing!)
Deeyll #149 :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Gotta love that cheerful washcloth! Poor kitty; it's a bit like people isn't it...there aren't many lives that aren't touched in some ways by the cruel and pernicious cancer. I could easily feel like Lemon Meringue Pie...but if I was going to really be bad, treacle tart for me please....mmmmmmmmm. Like the idea of forcing your friends to make cards from a workshop kit, sounds just like you to force fun on people - and by the way..the crier at work....was it your boss???

CraftygasheadZo said...

Hope you enjoy making that desk messy! Take care Zo xx 118

Tertia said...

Ok let me first stop LOL over the male enhancement thing (why, oh why do they do it?)
Your desk is looking great and the kitty is really beautiful, even if he only has a short while to go.
If you lived over this side of the world I woulf invite you over for a play date and lemon meringue.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #49