Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunny Days

The first week of school is winding down now and it looks like I'll survive it.  The extra sunny good news is that my one-week long headache is finally subduing.  Here is my unsolicited advice.  If you go to the doctor with one symptom (a runny nose) and he offers you a cure that causes another symptom (a never-ending headache), weigh the options carefully.  Hindsight says I'd rather have a chapped nose than feel brain damaged.  Besides, think of how many students I could have frightened off by blowing snot in their general direction! I only took the headache inducing stuff for 3 days so apparently it sticks around in your system awhile.

The Fine Print: Hedgehog stamp by Penny Black, greeting by Hero Arts, border punch by Martha.


Sandy said...

Wow 3 days of headaches and school kids as well. You deserve a medal. (((Hugs))) is all I can give you. Love the little guy in his hammock, you need to get one of those for you. Sandy :)

Di said...

Love, love, love this card! So sweet.

Glad the headache has gone and that you seem likely to get through term without ending up in the cells for student murder.

Have a great weekend! Di xx