Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Workdesk Wed #166

I cleaned my desk last night and hubby said, "You can't do that! It's workdesk Wednesday! What will they think?!"  Well, I don't what they will think, but I'm sure they will tell me!
I had to clean it though. I had lost track of far too many things on it, there were too many pending projects on it and there wasn't enough room to play.  There is still plenty left to ogle. I have the usual pile 'o crap to the left (there's good stuff in there), a pile of snippets, a basket of abandoned embellishments, a few ATCs, the ribbon and tape May won from my giveaway (post office trip scheduled for Friday), a sun decoration, stamps for a girly project, small fun flock containers, a black/white/red card I'll share tomorrow, birthday present stamps tucked up out of sight (bday for someone else, maybe I should mail them? bday was in June), a pile from the What's Up kit that I was steady making cards from but then veered off in other directions, and a Penny Black stamp set on top of that.
Here a  long shot with the chair in place this time.  Last time I showed a long shot view I removed the chair for better viewing and then folks said they didn't understand where I sat.  The door you see is the front door to the house.  So you walk in and there I am.
Here is a copy cat card I made. It based on a card in the current A Muse catalog using heart paper instead of stamped polka dots.  That idea was swiped from another A Muse consultant.  This is an A2 card and after I started putting it together I realized that the one in the catalog is not that large. It is probably notecard size.  I didn't feel like chopping it down, so this is what we get. I have no idea what the stuff is on the card that looks like crumbs (middle top). I promise it isn't cupcake crumbs!

Edited to add: I am desperately searching to buy 3 Memento dew drop ink pads in lady bug red for a class.  Any ideas?  I only seem to find it in packs with other colors.

The Fine Print: Surely it must be nap time now?! All the everything from the card by A Muse: Hey Cupcake, and Vintage Labels stamp sets; bubble gum, buttercup, and sweetheart bubblegum cardstock; and bubblegum ribbon.


Squirrel x said...

It's unnaturally tidy ..... kinda creepy, in a freaky weird unexpected way. Hmmmmm, needs more mess! Sxxxx

Darla said...

I love, love your work space. I am redoing an apartment downstairs, it's in my last post. Anyway just saw the dew drops on etsy #106

Danielle said...

Oh Judy, I love your space. It feels so cozy and warm. Great wall to ceiling shelves. dani101

Hazel said...

Love the sweet card. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

JoZart said...

Wow! I'm well impressed that my blog candy actually netted a REAL pole dancer. We're getting some great names too.
Great card and your work space looks ace!
Love From Ziggy, er, ooh, I mean JoZarty x

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Princess Judy,

I am bowing down to your clean desk. If only I could strive to something as sparkling as yours.....

The copy cat card looks great - as does all your creations.

It's my one year anniversary and I'm taking a poll on some blog candy. If you have time pop on over and leave your 2 cents.....

Hugs, Kay #96

Darnell J Knauss said...

Good for you for having a bit of a tidy-up. Sometimes the brain just can't fire up without a little room! Your space is always an amazing vista of vivaciousness! Have a great week! Darnell #102

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Good grief, where is the real Princess Judy and what have you done with her?? LOL!! That's a scarily neat workspace - *chants* bring back the mess, bring back the mess.... :)

Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

May said...

Well done on the clean it still tidy???? love the card so pretty... hope you find your inks before class...have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#40

Erika said...

Fancy having a tidy I'm with hubby let's see it, LOL. I only say this as at present I am working in a complete muddle!
Have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika.

BJ said...

Loving the tidyness, your craft room looks like a shop to me - LOL BJ#19

Anonymous said...

Ditto what BJ just said, l thought your craft area looks like a shop too lol.

Can't help on the Memento dew drops sorry, l don't use them.

Happy WOYWW, have a great week xx

House of Bears said...

Can we come and play in your craft room please? It looks such fun.

Julia Dunnit said...

It's scarey. When you've tidied, it's like I'm waiting for something to go off!! But at least you've got a summary in your head of what's done and what's been revealed, I often think its the planlessness that makes me so untidy. Well, it's a theory!

butterfly said...

Fabulous workspace... I haven't yet expanded to take over more than a workdesk (and surrounding shelves) - well, I have temporarily but that's another story. I'm looking forward to the day when I give over my whole room to craftland!
Alison x

fairy thoughts said...

I never usually say this but you should listen to you hubby.. never tidy before WOYWW we love to see it in use, havingf said that there is still a lot going on... it's just tidy
janet #120

Bernice said...

Very tidy indeed - but still lots to see! Unfortunately my desk, although the same as yours, looks nothing like it this week!!
Bernice #46

VonnyK said...

So tell the truth, did you just shove all your mess out the front door?? I bet it's all back now. Love your pile o crap, I have so many of them. Your card is so cute and the 'crumbs' make it authentic, I would highlight them :)
Hope you get your ink pads.
Have a great week.
Von #17

Barb King said...

Looks good, I've got to give mine the once over to get it organized, I feel like I am just putting layers on layers. Cute card, the crumbs give it an authentic look! Have a great week. Barb (I forgot my #, around 103)

Sue from Oregon said...

Had to matter how tidy my desk is, I still have a "pile o crap" somewhere on it that I might just neeeeed! LOL

Your husband sounds like a sweetie-looking out for your best interest!

Sue Kment

RosA said...

I just absolutely love how you walk in the front door and all your stuff is right there! That is SO cool! And it all looks incredibly organised!

sandee said...

So is Poppy now a "mews" consultant? That's a cute picture! I have suggestion for you ;), take a picture of what's on the wall behind your desk to the left of the door, that's looks like an interesting wall there filled with lots of organized goodies! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Di said...

Super card there Judy - and your desk is spookily tidy as others have said.

You know what though, where you sit is a bit like a receptionist area by your front door - do visitors get to sign in, be given a pass and asked to display the contents of their purses? :)

Belated Happy WOYWW, at least we finished the envelopes in super fast time! Di xx #3

Neet said...

What a fab space you have for crafting but experience has taught me that more storage is added and then more and then more and like Topsy it just grows. Will you take over a room in the house or what?
Love that sun on your desk by the way.
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet xx #36

sandra de said...

Woooo that desk is way to tidy, pleased to hear you have one box of crap to even things out. Enjoy your week and very cute card.
Sandra @74

Sandy said...

Hmmm I really like your desk, like all that shelving right in front of you so handy that would be to just have it all there. One day when the kids move I will have a room hmmm you all wont know me then. My youngest son is 21 on Monday so it wont be that long away. Sandy :) #31

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see it tidy Judy, I like how you know what's where and where everything is. Love those shelves right in front of you but I wonder what casual visitors to your door think when you answer the door! Two links for you for the Dewdrops:

Don't know anything about Blockhead Stamps but I've bought from The Paper Garden before and their service was excellent.

I like that self patterning wool I used for the sock, makes it look like you're a really good knitter when in reality the wool does all the work for you!!

Brenda 38

Samantha Elliott said...

Sometimes you must clear your desk just to make your workspace more than 6 inches square! If you are like me you discover things you forgot you had!
Hettie 47

Shoshi said...

Noooo... I think I got it wrong... I'm in the wrong place... aren't I?? Is this really Judy's creative space? I'm sure it's not. I don't recognise it. It's much too clean and tidy! I think Blogger must be playing up again, and sending me to the wrong blog! (Don't over do it, Judy, I don't think any of us could cope!!) Lol!

My ARTHaven is an absolute tip these days. It has to get worse before it can get better - that's my excuse anyway.

I think it's really cool, too, that my favourite stamp was designed by one of our own! (Glad you like my alter ego too...)

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #50

EELS said...

Judy I love the look of your craft space even if it is just inside the front door lol. I mean, who cares hey?

And I think they are punches on a shelf/rack to the right? Fabby view of it all.
Happy belated woyww
Cheers, Elaine #28

Ann B said...

What's all this about you pole-dancing, will have to pop back to Jo's to find out more.

Glad I'm not the only one who 'loses' things on their desk but it's fun to 'find' them again.

Thanks for visiting me earlier. Bit late getting round this week - am addicted to all the Olympic sports at present and not getting time to do anything else.
Ann B

Sandy Trefger said...

A clean workdesk has to happen now and then! It looks awesome! ;)
Thanks for stopping by my blog for WOYWW!
~Sandy #109
sandy's crafty creations

Queen Lightwell said...

Thanks for popping by earlier this week and leaving me a sweet and helpful comment! Just stopped over to see your workspace and...well, shock and awe! :) Actually, I think its adorable that your hubby knew what day of the week it was and showed such concern for us worldwide looky Lou's! Also fab that he doesn't mind walking straight into your craft room instead of a living room! That's a keeper there. ;) lol
Anyways, seeing a wider longer shot made me wonder why your room isn't set up in more of a galley style, which I can't explain properly in under 500 words(silly me!) but it seems like a floorplan that would get you better access to your stuff, at least the stuff we can see. :) Well, if you love it and it works for you that's all that really matters, huh? It doesn't have to make sense to me and I know we are all just delighted you share it with us! Crafty well-wishes coming your way. :)
Deeyll #125

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your desk. Blessings!