Sunday, August 19, 2012

Red Santa

Yesterday, at the last moment I tossed in a comment that I didn't like a certain new A Muse Studio set when it was first shown to us consultants.  Not only did I not like it, I went to the consultant website and queried to see what others thought of it.

My issue with the set was how the Santas were bold, not outline, images. That meant the overall color of them would be the color you stamped in.  I pretty much stamp in black and color my image in because most of my stamps are outline images. I've never been much of a fan of bold images--having always had a difficult time getting a nice crisp image from them. 

Anyway.... back to my issue which was if you stamped the Santas in black, well, how satanic is that? I mean 'Santa' is already and anagram of 'Satan' so lets not purse that issue even more.  Stamping it in red seemed weird to me because then when coloring in his belt, boots, and beard they would have red outlines?  Then I saw a few samples made with the set where they stamped in red and didn't color anything in and it worked.  I had already resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably have to get the set anyway as it seemed like the kind of thing my customers would like and would want to try out or see in action, but then it worked.
So then I couldn't wait to try out the set.  Then I found out we needed someone to teach a class for my big stamp club this month and I really couldn't wait to try out the set!  I did have to wait though, because the stamps were delayed in customs, but now I have it and I'm rather tickled with it.  It has lots of sayings in outlines that you can either color in or not and that works too.

I hope this doesn't seem like it is just one big commercial, because it isn't. What this is, is a story where the moral is 'keep an open mind.' 

The Fine Print: There is no truth to the rumor that Santa is or ever was associated with the Communist Party.  Also, I know, me with morals?! Who'd of thought?!  Stamp set "Making Spirits Bright" by A Muse Studio, dotted paper also by a|s but alas it is retired now so don't like too much.  Oh and hey! I did color in both these Santas' faces which gave the images a little lift (Santa's got a face lift, Santa's got a face lift!).  Yeah, I'll shut up now.

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