Saturday, August 18, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

I mean, why not? Everyone else has come to town now.  All the residents who fled for the summer are back and the university students are back, why not Santa too?

Today's post is late in coming because the medicine the doctor gave me (see Wednesday's post) is a nasal spray that may cause drowsiness.  For real?! A nasal spray that might make you tired?!

For real.  I slept so hard last night I was unaware that I was abducted by aliens, who then used my body to fold into various origami shapes. When I finally dragged myself from my coma late this morning I was a wreck. My back hurt so much I could hardly move and it felt like my legs were attached backwards.  I had to take another pill for that.  That one also may cause drowsiness.  So after I fondled some paper (have to feed the inner crafter, you know) I took a nap on the couch.  My afternoon nap received high approval ratings amongst the feline demographic.

So now that it is almost bedtime I thought I should make the cards I am going to teach at next weekend's stamp club meeting.  I wanted to do a quick and easy Christmas card to get people in the holiday card making spirit.  And by 'people' I include myself.  My vision was to make this card. It was to be all red and white.  However, I didn't like the red and white bakers twine on it so I switched it out to black and white.  I still wasn't fond of the card so I did it again with the greeting in black.

I like it much better with the greeting in black, however, sending around two different stamps and two different colored ink pads is a recipe for disaster.  You can count on someone to put Santa into the black ink, so be prepared to clean him off so the next person can stamp him in red.  Worse, you can count on someone putting the greeting into the red ink pad, staining the red with black ink.  For that one, you can blot at it with paper towels and hope for the best.  Anyway, now you know what I needed the dew drop sized ink pads for (mentioned a couple of Wednesdays ago).  As an added bonus if a dew drop ink pad gets ruined you are only out a couple of bucks. I do see now that I should have gone for the darker red than Lady Bug, but live and learn.

Since this is a large group of ladies, I'm pleased that this set has two different Santas in it.  That means more people can be stamping at once instead of making 40 people wait for one stamp to go around.  The other Santa is similar enough that I don't think people will be upset that they got one and not the other.  And now other teachers are laughing at me.  Here is the other version. I actually did tie the red an white baker's twine around one of them.

 Stay tuned tomorrow when I share some more cards I made with this set just to show off some more quick and easy holiday cards.  True confession: I hated this set when I first saw it debuted.

The Fine Print: Stamps, paper, and baker's twine by A Muse Studio.  Stamps from the "Making Spirits Bright" set, cherry chevron paper, cherry and white baker's twine or onyx and white baker's twine.  Inks by Memento-tuxedo black and lady bug red.

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Lisa-Jane said...

Yikes! I hope the aliens were friendly! Glad they left your mojo alone.