Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go into the Light!

HI! My Name is POPsicle and me 'n my zombie doll are going to be the guest columnists today because my mom is like six different kinds of tired.  Apparentlys peoples brains turn off after awhile.  Like light switches.
Dis is me n my zombie doll
He don't say much
I wunder how many words we can
put in a caption
before bloggggger explodes?
Speaking of light switches (and I woz) here is a light.  Dis is called a chandelier, which is a French werd for "fancy light that hangs from the ceiling."  We have lights that hang from the ceiling but they aren't fancy.  We call them "ceiling fans."  They have a chain that is the switch to turn them on.  And off. On. And off. On.  Off.
I'm thinking that is wot happened to my mom today--someone jerked her chain.

---Poppy and Zombie out!

The Fine Print: My zombie doll is named Clyde and he is a vegetarian.  He sez, 'Grrrraaaaaains!"  The light and werds (but not the ones I wrote) are by A Mews Artstamps.  The giant photo corner punch is by EK Success, and the circles are by Marvy.  The papers are maybe by CTMH, but maybes not.


Krisha said...

LOL this is a great post and so is the card!!

Squirrel x said...

See, this is what happens when you poke about following links, you find freaked out kitties. Why was there a gecko on your carpet?? And who swings on the light pull? Do you really have your own chain? Ah, so many questions, so little time..... xx

Angela Bode said...

Your card is beautiful! What a gorgeous fancy light that hangs from the ceiling! Popsicle is adorable!!