Friday, August 31, 2012

Easily Influenced

If you read yesterday's post about Club Scrap and how I found several kits in a row to come with dull, melancholy colors, you'll get a giggle to know what I discovered.  I went to their website to see if the September sneak peak was posted yet.  It was not, but the August one was.  It was bright and peppy colors. That made me laugh. So I missed it being on my hiatus. I hope that wasn't the most colorful kit of the year!

Here are a couple more cards made with the Navajo kit. As I was double checking that my humanities class homework got posted to the class website (it is an on-line class and no, I don't really trust computers or maybe I don't trust myself with computers) I realized that we just finished the unit on Native Americans. So what kit did I pick up to play with?  Navajo! I even pawed through several kits before deciding on that one. I'm not saying I'm easily influenced. You can be the judge of that one!
The Fine Print: Cards made with the January 2012 Club Scrap kit "Navajo" with the exception of silver discs (they look black in the scan) from the dollar bin, black scrap ribbon, fastenator staple, and tiny heart stamp which is a stamp on a dowel rod so I think that makes it by Stamps by Judith, but I could be wrong.


butterfly said...

Love the tag cards - Navajo looks like it suits you, even if it's not full of brights!
Alison x

Craftychris said...

More fabby makes! xx

Sandy said...

I really like these tags, great job love the patterns of the Navajo and the way that you have used them... Sandy :)