Monday, August 27, 2012


If you work in the corporate world I'm sure you have been to a professional development workshop, employee development, teamwork building, or whatever they are calling self improvement workshop these days.

I've been to many, but two stick out in my mind.  There was a team-building workshop that was mandatory for my department after we went through a period of civil unrest.*  That workshop was memorable because we learned that you can beat someone with a phone book and it won't leave telltale bruises.

Another was a workshop where we learned about validation and saw a short film on validation.  That one stuck with me because I love the guy in it.  You. Are. Awesome!
And you are.  TOAD-ALLY AWESOME!
Yes! You!
Now stand back and give me some phone book swinging room.

The Fine Print: * Civil unrest = a bunch of adults forgot this wasn't junior high and no one really cares who likes who or who is having lunch with who and who didn't get invited to prom.  No, really, just do your effing job.  Stamp credits holy crap I forgot to check.  Stamps by some stamp company.  How's that for a save?  

To check out the Validation clip


Squirrel x said...

Toadily love the card! Please tell me the phone book thing is true, before I get to work this morning..... Hugs Sxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I thought you had a Strong Man competition at the departmental whatsit..who could tear a telephone directory in half the quickest...!!

Lisa-Jane said...

LOL! Your Fine Print made me laugh today Judy, thank you!

505whimsygirl said...

Princess Judy,

This is why I love visiting your blog. I will definitely need the knowledge about the phone book not leaving marks --- tee hee.

Don't you just love drama in the workplace?!? I sometimes get my share of it here too.

Love the card!


butterfly said...

Fab image and sentiment - what a giggle! Super framing and embellishing as well as beautifully coloured - love his shadow!...
Alison x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Adorable froggie cards, which are my faves. And you're a hoot!