Monday, May 7, 2012

You Quackin' to Me?

Last night I had some long, complicated, and on-going dream about how I was pulling an egg carton apart into little tiny pieces for a Tim Holtz project.  Now I don't actually know of any Tim Holtz projects that call for tearing an egg carton into tiny pieces, but there you have it.  I did check my eggs in the morning and their carton was still intact.

Anyway, here's an old card. I've been too busy blowing my nose to play.  I told the hubby after this, no more passing this darn cold back and forth.  It is time to find someone else to give it to!
The Fine Print: stamp by Kidstamps.

1 comment:

Sue from Oregon said...

I love anything with ducks! Super cute! Rest up and feel better!