Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mufver's Day

Hewwo Everybodies!  I am going to write anofver post this week becuz it is Mufver's Day so I will do this for my Mom.  I can tells you about her too.  I don't remembers my Kitty Mom much except she was fluffy and I'd wiked to sleep next to her.  My peoples Mom is bery good and haz lots of niceness.  She gives me pets and skritches. And treets!  And she lets me sniffs her peoples food all the time and she used to let me eat tortillas ebery monring until I finded out they were peoples food.  And she gibes me crunchies even sometimes when Popa feeds us and doesn't give us the right crunchies she gibes us the right crunchies laters.  I hab lots of toys.  My Mom is a good Mom.  Like she was sicks for weeks 'n weeks and the house got bery dirties.  Now she better and she cleans and cleans it for days.  Dere were books eberywhere and couldn't even fit on the shelf and she fix them all up and so now it is all cleans just so we haz a place to sit and we won't get sneezes.  See, that's a good Mom.  Sometimes my Mom is kind of dumbs though.  Like wen she gets up in the morning.  I have to tell her "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way"  "this way" all the way to the kitchens to get the spoon and then to the catfoods eating place.  If I dent tell her, she would forgets and get lost.  She tells Papa not to do so much teasing on me.  My Mom gets presents in the mail all the times and she always shares wif me.  If there is tissues paper or bubbles or crinkly papers or ribbons I gets them!  It is so exciting. Sometimes the presents have catnip in them! They say 1-800.  I think that much mean 1-800 pieces of catnip all for Poppy and her brofvers!  Happy Mufver's Day!

My Mom made this cuz she found the pieces in a baggie in a big dusty piles of stuff. It made her do 42 sneezes. At least.  It's just like SNIPPETS cuz it was all just peeces.

The Fine Print: This is not to belittles my Kitty Mom anyway. She is a good Mom too  she gave me very nice colors all over, even in my moufs!  Them stamps are by Hero Arts.  That's a raccoon.  There was one in our backyard one time.  A raccoon not a stamps.  My Mom wouldn't put her stamps out there, Silly!


Squirrel x said...

Hey Poppy, nice to see you again gorgeous girl, and I love your guest column, great stuffs. Hugs and skritches, Squirrel xx

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the giggles!