Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saint Fluffy's Day

I'm here to confess (because I heard that once you have a blog you start to share all your weird thoughts, random ideas, and deep dark secrets--in other words: you confess all!) that I don't understand this stamp at all.
I don't get the correlation between a horseshoe and kittens.  Is there some kind of offshoot story to the whole St. Patrick's Day thing that has been overlooked?  Like perhaps after imbibing in one too many "wee nips" Saint Patrick tripped and fell over his constant companion, Fluffy the Feline, which caused him to swear so mightily that all the snakes fled from Ireland because they could not tolerate such filth in their little snake ears?  Maybe St. Pat was really raised by cats, you know, like how some people are raised by wolves?  Maybe, just maybe that whole shamrock thing is really a SHAM! Maybe it was supposed to be a catnip leaf.  You know how things get distorted over time.

Perhaps this stamp is all about a new Saint!  Enter St. Fluffy-the patron saint of litter boxes.  Celebrations to commemorate St. Fluffy include copious consumption of Fancy Feast, excessive napping, wearing of the tabby, and licking one's nether regions.  Oh yeah, and something about stealing horseshoes from unsuspecting horses.  I'm a bit unclear on that last part.  I asked the cats but they said if they told me they'd have to kill me and they rather like having me around since I have thumbs.

I think my blood sugar is on the fritz.

The Fine Print: Another confession, I wrote the word "shoehorse" and had to ponder what was wrong with it for quite some time.  Yeah, I'm dangerous like that.  Stamp from Lily of the Valley, colored in Copics, not a clue on the paper but it matches and that's cool.  PS-there may be some historical inaccuracies in my stories.


Wanda G (stampcat) said...

This post is hilarious! I totally get your sense of humor. WHY are those kitties all over that horseshoe? The world may never know! Hahaha. Cute care, nonetheless! Thank you for all the sweet bloggy comments and love you give me! Have a wonderful day.

SuziesImaginarium said...

Pffff! I don't get it either, but I enjoyed your rambling story!

Squirrel x said...

I am so not gonna be the one to explain it coz I enjoyed your version soooooooo much better, lol! You are a fruitcake girl, but I love ya for it! Hugs Sxx PS. Such a gorgeously cute card.

karen said...

Ha ha, you are hilarious! But I have to agree ... what is with the kittens crawling all over a giant horseshoe? Because let's face it, that horseshoe is out of proportion to cats, lol!
Thanks, now I will be thinking about this all night!