Sunday, May 20, 2012

And on the Seventh Day...

...God rested.  Not that I'm God, but I thought I'd try on his shoes for a day.  Guess what? I don't know how to break it to you all, but His feet stink.

Here is a card I made in a previous life.  I mean, before I decided to pretend I was god and give myself the day off.
Actually I didn't rest, instead, I sorted papers all day. I finally decided to sort all my papers by how I look for them.  I used to sort papers by the stack they came in. I found that more often than not I would look in the boxes that held the spring, summer or fall stacks, and that is because I knew exactly what kinds of colors, patterns, and designs I would find in them.  I guess that makes me a seasonal person.  There is a difference between a nice pale spring yellow, a bright summer yellow, and a more orangey fall yellow.  If I wanted something subdued but in a bright tone I'd look in the spring box. If I wanted a more natural, earth tone I'd look in the fall box.  If I wanted something perky I'd look in the summer box.  Now my endless pile of papers is divided up by season. 

The more observant of you will note that I didn't mention winter.  It's there along with Christmas, in a big box on the shelf in the closet.  Somehow that was already all sorted out with the exception of a few sheets I found this afternoon.

And, I have to tell that my cat, the one who is older than dinosaur poop, is smarter that I am.  I sat on the couch along with the cat to sort paper.  As the day wore on, I noticed it was getting hotting and hotter.  The cat took off for the cool spot under the chair.  I suffered through, even checking the air conditioning at one point (set where it should be).  It wasn't until much later when that I got a clue as to what went wrong.  I picked up a pile of paper off the couch, put it on my lap and thought, "This paper is hot, almost like it is heated.  Oh my gawd!"  Lying on the couch is the older-than-dinosaur-poop-cat's electric blanket.  We haven't had to use it in several weeks but it is still there and still plugged in.  At some point I must have sat on the button and turned it on.  No wonder I was hot.

The Fine Print: Ice cream truck by A Muse Artstamps, drippy punch by Martha, paper by DCWV (from the summer box!).  Fast Lane stamp copyrighted by STU (who the heck is that?), papers and round dealie bob by unknown. Anyone notice how my 8-foot stack of paper became an endless stack today?  And for anyone who worries that the cat would burn the house down with his electric blanket, we explained to him about homelessness and how it sucks and taught him to dial 911.  Also, the blanket turns off automatically after 10 hours.

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